Tuesday, December 18, 2012

End of The Semester!!!!!!

The semester is over!!! I now have a few weeks off to do funtastical things like bake cookies and wrap Christmas stuff and everything else I have not been able to do because of college class things! I really did not think that I was going to be able to make it through this tried to murder me semester but I did with only one mental  breakdown. Hooray!!! I actually have a few drafted posts that I have been meaning to complete so stay tuned for those.

So the end of the fall semester, in Shakespeare I had to listen to too people read their way too many depressing sonnets. I am getting so tired of people in my college thinking that sadness and love and death and sickness are the only official topics that you can write about. Sure, they are all meaningful and what not but I am just tired of hearing them. Nobody cares that your black soul bleeds when a thousand nails go through it. NOBODY. So to show these little neanderthals that it's possible to write something, anything other than sadness and deep heart reflecting poetry, I wrote this poem;

The hippo was cold.
He crossed the road.
To the sea.
To have some tea.
The tea was good.
In da hood.
In the home.
Of the Rolling Stones.
"To England!" the hippo cried.
The bat flew in the night sky.
The hippo was to take a bride.
But in England he was to hide.
For he enjoyed all of his lies.
That put him undercover near the seaside.

Writing is fun! This wonderful poem shall win many awards! 

But honestly it is much better than 99% of the deep meaningful poems members of my class write which kind of scarred me for the rest of the day. Apparently it IS possible to be a sad panda at 9:00 in the morning!

After Shakespeare I had to go to my music class and sing infront of people. As in people that are not in my class. I got lucky though considering we did not have to sing in the classroom but rather in the auditorium. The stage has always been my safe zone as crazy as that may sound. I went 4th and out in the hallway before I was to go on one of the guys in my class tried to calm me down considering I was pacing and talking to myself like a crazy loony toon. When I went onstage my nerves subsided and I have to say that I thought that I did really good with the first song. The second song everyone had to sing has had everyone stressing all year so of course that was not my best piece but I sang it without crying this time so I call it a success. Everyone in my class did super good with the exception of the lady who went after me who scolded me in the hallway to take this SERIOUSLY. Um just because I am talking to myself that does not mean I am not being serious OK LADY! But she was completely singing a different class song than everyone else. I would not have been surprised to hear her start singing Gangnam Style halfway through the performance, but sadly that did not happen.

After everyone was finished my teacher gave me a hug and told me and two other people in the class that he was proud of us three specifically (after the other kids left to go eat cookies and what not.) That kind of warmed my heart a little. He said that I still need practice (true statement) but apparently I was the person who improved the most this semester and never failed to impressed him. 0_0 I was not expecting that but I can honestly say that it was the nicest thing that I have heard all year. 

After class I handed out my little cookies (gave at least 10 of them to the most awesome lady in my class) and then went to Kohl's and got my mom some earrings for Christmas considering hers fell apart a few days ago. Overall it was a great end of the semester. Only one more semester to go which I am extremely nervous about but I shall make the most of it.

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