Friday, December 7, 2012

I Am Going To Jail After I Graduate High School! 8/

On Wednesday I had a chance to speak to my lovely criminal justice teacher that I took a class with about a year or so ago. He has to be one of the coolest guys that I have ever met. He asked if I still wanted to work in law enforcement and sadly I had to finally tell him that I technically never really wished to be in law enforcement but just took the class because I am incredibly interested in the field. He said that I was one of his better students that he has ever had but completely understood why I took the class. He recommended that I go to this little school assembly in my village today and listen to a police man talk about his experience on the job. If anything I could learn something from it so what the heck, I decided to go.

I checked in to the school office and because the ladies there loved me they let me and a few other people attend. Most of the people checking in with the office were around my age so I could only assume my past law enforcement teacher was using this assembly as some type of extra credit. 

We all walked to the gym where the little cretins of our future were already packed together and we took our seats on a stair next to some crazy high school spirit kids who continued to give us questionable looks throughout this entire thing. A lot of the people with me started taking out their notebooks and a pen and awaited our guest speaker. Yep, they are totally doing this for extra credit. 

Mr. Police officer finally stepped into the gym and greeted us with a "HELLO STUDENTS!" Obviously people continued to speak and police officer man did not enjoy this. "You all are being disrespectful to this  police veteran!" Veteran? Wait a minute, I thought you were just retired, but alrighty then.

For the next 30 minutes this guy continues to spout off nonsense to these kids;
"IF you smoke cigarettes at this age our police enforcement will lock you up and you will go to jail FOREVER!!!!"
"IF you go to a cafe and the waiter puts a foamy heart in your drink then he is likely a criminal!"- This makes no bloody sense! Is the foamy heart poisonous? 9 times out of 10 it is not!
"Handcuffs are comfy!"- Said this to a girl in a serious fashion. This girl was put into the handcuffs as an example and handcuffs are most certainly not comfortable! She got out of them. He did not appreciate her showing him up.
"Police, firemen, ambulance drivers, and members of the FBI are not allowed to have caffeine!"- WHAT? If you work for the FBI I am almost positive some of those people survive off of caffeine considering some of them never sleep!
"If a police car is behind you and NOT flashing his lights you still need to stop." 
"We always use our tasers on CRIMINALS."
"Police always have the right of way when it comes to either us or an ambulance!" - I asked him a question regarding this, he chose to avoid me. I asked him again twice and he chose to avoid me. I finally had to scream out my question and have at least 20 other kids back me up so he could answer. No, he just told me to ask after the assembly was done. I told him that everything he has been spouting off was a lie and that he needs to stop lying to these kids who already have trust issues with law enforcement. He told me that I had no respect and that a high school girl like me should be grateful for learning these types of things so that I don't get locked up before I graduate. 

I wasn't going to let it go that easily but I was curious as to what lies he was going to tell us next. After the assembly I asked him wtf he was talking about like he instructed me to do and he just said "Have a nice day girl!" 

Alright that's it. I just emailed my past criminal justice instructor and asked him how the hell this guy got into the field. He emailed me back about an hour ago stating that "He was in the field for 12 days. Got fired after he hit another police car for going too slow on the highway and after drugs were found in his possession. I thought you would find the assembly informative of what NOT to do if nothing else." 
Okay, this makes a ton of sense! Thank you past criminal justice instructor. I think I might have to FIND YOU on Wednesday to discuss this imbecile of a person! I just found it sad that some of our police officers do not understand the very laws they have sworn to uphold. However I have a ton of respect for the ladies and gentlemen who go into this field and who abide by the laws and don't do silly things. 

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