Thursday, December 6, 2012


It is final exam week!!!! Or at least that is what is going to be happening on Monday and Wednesday, not to mention the theatre classes and whoever they invited will be sitting their butts down in the theatre seats so people can show off their monologues and students films on Thursday during this first annual theatre event.

I am getting incredibly worried about our film. On Wednesday we had to shoot a whole bunch of scenes considering we won't have much time next Wednesday because everything has to be put together and ready to go. Our 'director' aka Mr. pumpkin patch and the guy who is going to be editing this all together decided that it would be fun to leave all the actors inside the theatre completely clueless while they went to go film mr.pumpkin patch's segment. Not going to happen. I found them outside filming and my exact words were "What can we film while you guys are doing this?"
Mr. Pumpkin Patch "Well >other guy< if the official cameraman for this film so you all should wait for us to return.

We have 2 other Ipads to record on and this other guy is not the "official" cameraman. The camera has been going from hand to hand for weeks now. I am officially taking over before I have to throw you down the stairs you are recording on.

So I go back inside and tell everyone that we are going to be recording some others guys segment then moving on to the other girls.
"Hey didn't Mr.Pumpkin Patch want this character filmed INSIDE?!?!?" asks one of the guys who never talks unless he needs to.
Me: Yeah well we established that his character is a fan of the earth and recycling and is an official tree planter so I have no bloody idea why he wants it to be filmed inside. We're filming it over here in this grass area where some trees are.

So we record this guys part 3 times and finally get a great recording when Mr.Pumpkin Patch comes over to me and starts explaining why this needs to be filmed INSIDE. His only notable reason was because he wanted it that way. I told him too bad, it's recorded and we are using this.

After this was noted Mr. Pumpkin Patch pretty much told me that I was not to be trusted so he had me go be a 3rd eye for another one of his scenes which I had absolutely no problem with. The guy I recorded before was the cameraman this time and he actually did a wonderful job! While we were filming  in the hallway some lady goes over to us and asks  exactly what we are doing. "Filming for the theatre event that's happening Thursday."
Come to find out this nice lady has done some film recording for student films and worked a camera for the cancelled television show Detroit 1-8-7. So of course I asked her if she could give us some input on camera angles and how we could record this part better and what not. She gave us a lot of great advice and I learned a ton from her about recording in 10 minutes. Mr. Pumpkin Patch finally notices this lady after we had to shoot him 18 different times and asks who she was. She explains that she was just giving us some advice on camera work and stuff and Mr. Pumpkin Patch completely flips out.
"This is supposed to be a STUDENT FILM for >insert class name<  YOU are not a student of this class so we really do not want your input."
Me: "Shut up she's helping!"
Him: "You're supposed to be the third eye, NOT HER!"

The lady leaves after wishing us luck for the film and me and the other girl in this class were the only ones to thank her. I am still at a loss as to how I haven't managed to punch this guys eye out yet. One day more, one day more to put up with him and not go to jail for assault.

Afterwards we finally get to my part and I learn that they have decided to cut out my lines because we didn't have enough time to include them. Normally I would be incredibly pissed about this but yes, we were running low on time and at this point I could have cared less. Someone painted my face and we managed to record my part in one take. I have no freaking idea how good it was but the official 'cameraman' was having ADD issues and freaking out on everyone so I just accepted it and moved on.

Now as always there will be one unreliable jerk when it comes to the acting world, no exception when it comes to a college acting class. One of our 'actors' shows up 45 minutes late and forgot his costume. This almost caused me to forgot my patience but instead we decided that he can be filmed rather quickly on Wednesday before class and if he shows up late he's getting recast and I will feel nothing if that happens.

Other than my theatre class though I also had an exam for music on Wednesday. I know that I did quite poorly. If I received something other than an F or D I shall buy myself some licorice. I asked my music teacher if students could go to the workshop on Wednesday for a grade. His response.

"Unless you are singing you do not get CREDIT!!!! However if you wish to see fantastic singers--"
Oh okay. No credit. Later.

Overall Wednesday was long but I got a lot of stuff done. It is now 12:31 am and I have yet to even start my idea for a power point that I have to present on Monday for Shakespeare. Time to start getting my priorities in order. Until I write again tomorrow, buh bye!!!

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