Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013 Everyone!

Another year another nickel!

Another humbling experience. Again my New Year's has started off with me being alone- like the past year. If this is how it's going to be in all of 2013 you can count me out! Loneliness is no fun. =( New Year's, for me though is about wrapping up time. I lived last year. I did things. I feel a sense of accomplishment. I win.

In case you were wondering here is how my New Year's went down;

-My neighbors thought it would be fun to give me a heart attack by blowing up their fireworks at 10 pm and right now at 1. THESE ARE NOT NEW YEAR RELATED TIMES YOU TEENY BOPPERS!  I absolutely loved it when you scared my freaking face off!

- I drank THIS;

It is really good once you add honey. And Splenda. Lots of Splenda. I feel that I should be concerned about my Splenda intake, but I'm not. Truvia is not good so I shall stick with the poisonous Splenda and live with my life choices.

-Gangnam Style!!! on television, thrice times!

PSY is a happy little man with awesome dance moves!

- I got sad because Dick Clark is no more and Seacrest will never be him. Seacrest is ok but RIP DICK CLARK!!!

-Carson Daly had Emmy Rossum host with him. That was a neat surprise.

- I drew pretty pictures!!! With crayons. Yeah, my night has obviously been pretty wild and crazy! I am now
thinking of drinking a DIET COKE (le gasp!) and about how fun falling over the fiscal cliff shall be. Bright
new happy year everyone!

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