Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I was talking to a girl on facebook last night who's a senior in high school right now. Apparently she just got an in school suspention for wearing a skirt like this;

Now I can understand if the skirt was way too short or if she was wearing a tank top or going "Hey guys check out how sexy my legs are!!! You should totally bang me!" but she wasn't. I just fail to see how this type of skirt or really any article of clothing, would call for an in school suspension. I can see something along the lines of 'go home and change/find something in the lost and found to cover yourself up with' but being suspended for wearing a skirt is just beyond idiotic.

The rest of her story goes that some girls who hate her guts for no reason told some male teacher that what she was wearing was a 'distraction' to their learning so said teacher takes her down to the office where for the rest of the day she had to copy down the school rules regarding dress code and has an ISS tomorrow. I am curious as to what dress code she broke by wearing this. Just because she wanted to wear a skirt and not jeans she get's an ISS thanks to some insecure girls who were just jealous because she looked better than them. I swear that this has just got to be the most idiotic reason for a suspension that I have ever heard.

Then again my high school did have a tendency to suspend people for stupid reasons, apparently much hasn't changed since I left. I was a good kid in high school but because some girl threw a punch at me first and I defended myself by slapping her in the face I got suspended for fighting. The cool principle at the time thought it was hilarious though, my mom was also laughing her butt off when she came to pick me up as I was crying. The principle didn't want to suspend me but according to the 'school handbook' she had no choice. But despite that being suspended for defending yourself against someone who could harm you is stupid. My mom always said that if someone is to throw a punch at you first you have every right to defend yourself because if you don't people will just think it's okay to hurt you. Truer words have never been said.

But getting back to this girl having an in school suspension tomorrow, I told her to debate this. Go into the school, bring the skirt in, ask where in the handbook it says she cannot wear it and why. If that fails, point out a person wearing something 100 times worse and debate the system again. She has no reason for being in ISS. CLOTHING should be the least of the schools problems at the moment. If someone wishes to dress like a street walker then more power to them.

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