Saturday, December 15, 2012


What on God's green earth is going on with this world?
This week alone:

Riots in Lansing (which is quite close to where I live.)- Union members, please think about the repercussions of your actions. Beating people up and ruining a hot dog vendors workplace is not cool and just make you seem like horrible, disrespectful,  people.and doing these types of things hurt your cause and make your opinions on the matter irrelevant. For anyone out there who saw this, please do not judge the firefighters, police officers, and other organized and peaceful unions by the actions of these morons. Bills do not get overturned because of violence and riots. Common sense. 

Today police had to use pepper spray on a few people, and you know what? I have absolutely no problem with this. If you are trying to attack a police officer or start throwing things at them to get your point across, you deserve to get blinded for a little while. Reverend Charles Williams II also threatened our governors daughter and we are just now hearing about it. Quoted this reverend below;
"Just know one thing, Rick Snyder: You sign that bill, you won't get no rest," Williams said. "We'll meet you on Geddes Road. We'll be at your daughter's soccer game. We'll visit you at your church. We'll be at your office.Because Michigan workers will not take it laying down by any means necessary!" 
Again, this is a reverendThe bar for that calling has apparently been lowered. Way to represent the LORD Mr. Williams. And in this state soccer moms have every right under the sun to kick your ass if you pose a threat. Stand your ground law, read up on it. My deceased grandfather, a union worker, would be so ashamed of these people.

Oregon Mall Shooting- The worst part is that the families and friends of  Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth,  are going to suffer every time the holidays role around because of this. You do not go into a mall and start shooting people. By the way, I am tired of hearing people try to defend this murderer by saying that he's crazy. Stop trying to excuse him for his vicious actions by giving him a mental disease he may or may not have had.

North Korea Rocket- I'm not 100% informed of what's going on with this but South Korea and Japan are not amused and that's a bit concerning.

22 children stabbed in China- And an elderly woman. This woman was obviously used for a 'practice round' and that is just sick. Thank God none of them were killed but still, stabbing children is not okay under any circumstance. Exactly what could an eight year old child have done to you to deserve this? Nothing. I'm not happy that the kids were injured what so ever, but it is a relief to know that they are alive and that the gunman is in custody. However I think it is going to take a long time for these children to feel safety. What is sad about this is that a lot of people in the world are overlooking this story because it is a bit farther from home.

Newtown, Conneticut-

It is appalling that any individual would open fire in an Elementary School. Twenty children are dead because of him, six adults also passed during this attack. There will be no justice for those families as means of a court ruling and that seriously just makes me want to tear my hair out in frustration. These parents, these grandparents, these family members, are going to have to bury their child and will have to take back the Christmas presents that their child wanted from Santa. The little ones who lived know by now that their friends or favorite teacher didn't make it. Alls these children did was go to school. This article pretty much sums up my reaction:,30743/?ref=auto
And then we have these wonderful detectives who have had to pick up these childrens bodies and tell the parents that their child did not make it. I cannot even imagine the sadness they have gone through these past few days. As of right now a ton of workers at the school are being described as heroes for what they have done to save these young lives, I am very proud of them and hope that their acts of bravery are not forgotten.

As for the asshat, this is going to sound harsh but at the moment I am going to say that he doesn't deserve a funeral. I say throw his body in a ditch and burn it.

And I know a lot of you out there are talking about gun control at the moment, but please just stop. This is not the time for this discussion, give it a week or so. These families need to mourn, not listen to your opinion on guns right now. 

I basically made this blog post because I feel that these stories are being kept quiet by a small majority of  people like you and me because nobody wishes to talk about them. Obviously these stories need to be told or nothing is going to happen to stop things horrendous things like this from happening. 

However I am grateful that many of you have taken part in giving your sympathies and sharing your thoughts  when it comes to these events. You may not realize it but every voice counts, including yours (unless you say something stupid that does not have anything to do with any of these news articles. Nobody wants to buy your insurance, thank you.) 

In conclusion, this has just been a tough week for America. Give everyone you see a hug or tell them to have a super sparkly day, it may help.

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