Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Am Finished With Today

I am done, done, done! I finished my power point although it kind of sucks because people were over my shoulder 99% of the time that I was doing it and I simply cannot work when people are behind me and OBSERVING. But none the less it is finished and I get to present it tomorrow infront of the class for a grade. I'm positive that I am not the only one like this but does anyone else get really bad anxiety before they have to present something like a project in front of other people? I can do theatre stuff all day long but when it comes to giving out information to others or singing I tend to get extremely anxious.

But besides my little power point being completed I did end up going to the music concert presentation today. I made a mistake though; Porgy and Bess are going on the 13th, today was just a community band concert type thing which I must say was better than the band we had at my high school. The theatre was filled with a ton of people so I ended up sitting in the 5th row next to two older ladies and a woman owho was about 90 years old sat down next to me. The 90 year old woman ended up falling asleep on my shoulder (I pushed her over. She was kind of in my personal space.) And one of the two elderly ladies that sat next to me ended up being a 'band' mom. Imagine "HIT THE C SHARP DANNY! C F A FLAAAT" going on throughout the entire performance along with a foot tap, singing the words to some Christmas songs hardly anyone knows the words to, and chanting along to the music DADUMDADUMDUM!!!!" If anything I have some interesting things to write about for the paper on this.

Other than those two exciting things happening today, I am now sitting here swirling my tea with a candy cane and watching some documentary on Magnus Pyke and am trying so hard not to laugh. He was a crazy crazy dude.

I think all that I have left to do is watch The Amazing Race finale tonight and then probably start having a panic attack before I present tomorrow. Wish me luck! 

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