Thursday, January 3, 2013

Everywhere You Look

You want to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Happy 2013 everyone! So far mine has been incredibly boring and dull which means I don't have much to write about but I'm hoping to change that. These past few days I have done practically nothing but sleep, write checks, and watch Full House-which is a terrible show by the way. Yet it's like when someone's house is on fire, you can't turn away. You have to drive past and see everything that's going on.I love the show in a hateful way, if that makes any sense. I can imagine that having a marathon of Full House could be a new kind of method of torture. I've always thought the Olsen's were pretty cool but even my 3 year old brain told me that Full House was not a good show. And why do they have to play sentimental music every single time a life lesson is to be learned? I will never understand!

I saw an episode the other day where Rebecca was going into labor and the doctor finds out after 2 seconds that Uncle Jesse just conveniently has appendicitis at that time. No X-Ray, she just felt is stomach and is all "OMG dude you have to get into surgery cuz you're appendix is about to explode on our newly mopped floor. Sit down in this wheelchair which just so happens to be conveniently located right next to me!" All of that is BS! When I got my appendix out it took them at least 6 hours before they could operate on me and I had to miss a concert the very next day and could barely move for a week, not to mention walk without keeling over before the operation. This was before they could do an appendectomy microscopically, but the point is Uncle Jesse is a suck liar who probably did it with Rebecca's obstetrician in the past and just wanted to get out of his laboring duties.

While browsing the internet to see if anyone felt the same way about this show I found this blog and I must say that it is possibly one of the most funniest things I have ever read;
It has had me laughing so hard for the past few days. The guy has a point about everything and I absolutely love it. Really, why aren't Jesse and Joey moved out yet? I actually have no problem with Uncle Joey and actually find Coulier to be a decent actor, but the way this anonymous writer bashes him has me cracking up every single time. Ditto when it comes to hating on Michelle. Honestly I think DJ is the worst character but that's just my opinion. To the anonymous guy who's torturing himself by doing this, I wish you luck and hope you don't end up in the insane asylum once you're finished.

Like I said, Full House is a show which irks me but I like to dislike it. There were some good moments in the program at times but I'm almost certain that this 'family' has the Brady Bunch beat when it comes to goodness and rightness and morals. And I can kind of understand if you like this show, I really can. However my opinion will not be changed if your retort for this is "HOW RUDE!" via Stephanie Tanner style.

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