Sunday, January 6, 2013

Downton Abbey Returns Tonight!

I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey. Every single review that you may have read about the show is true; it is a masterpiece. I am incredibly excited to start the 3rd season tonight and although it has already finished airing in Europe I have tried my best to stay away from as many spoilers as possible because nobody is going to ruin the experience for me! I am fully prepared to devote the next seven or so Sunday's into watching season 3 and am looking forward to what will unfold in the lives of both the upstairs and downstairs crew and everyone else.

Yes, Downton Abbey does have somewhat of a soap operaish feel to it, but if you have never seen an episode here are a few reasons as to why you should start marathoning it right now;

1. The actors are flawless- Literally, every single actor in the show is amazing. From Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess Violet and her hilarious insults, to the horrible character of Thomas played by Rob James Collier, the acting is perfection and you will become invested into at least one of these characters story lines.

2. Speaking of the Dowager Countess's insults, the show does tend to have humorous moments. One of my favorites;

3. It's true to the time period- Have you ever watched a movie and thought "Wow that is so historically inaccurate?" *cough cough The Patriot* well this show stays true to the Edwardian time period from the fashion to the War to the makeup (note: mascara is not allowed onto the set. Woman did not have mascara during those times so the makeup artist of the show does not use it.)

4. ACTION- From the sinking of the Titanic to the Great War, this show has a lot of action, usually when you least expect it. As of right now one of the main characters is in jail for murder. More than likely because his conviction was wrong.

5. Love Love Love- There are a few stories dealing with romance. Mary and Matthew, Anna and Bates, Sybil and Branson,  Cora and Robert, etc.etc.etc.

6. Villains- Thomas and O'Brien along with Vera Bates. You will either hate or pity them. Which is a good thing because this means that they are doing a great job!

7.  The fashion- The dresses and hats and hairstyles are oh so beautiful. I actually learned how to do Lady Sybil's hair the other day and got some compliments on it. Sybil style rocks!

8. People are always coming and going. Apparently Shirley Maclaine is supposed to show up this season which I am very curious about.

9. British accents! I swear every character has a different one, but I could totally just be hearing things.

10. It is a great show. Seriously, just watch it.

To those of you who are fans like myself, who are your favorite characters? Personally I like Daisy (a  few people have told me that we're dopplegangers, which I can kind of see...) and Sybil as characters and am a huge fan of the Anna and Bates relationship. Matthew and Mary is practically the main relationship going on so of course I'm invested in that as well. Honestly I really dislike Mrs. Hughes but I can't quite put my finger on as to why. I'm pretty upset about Robert's behavior last season as well so he has to work hard to earn my trust back. I want O'Brien to be fired because as much as Thomas is horrible, I find O'Brien to be worse. I really want Edith to find someone as well. She is a pretty awesome character (if a little bitchy) even if she is shoved in the background half of the time.
 Overall I am just really looking forward to season 3 tonight, bring it on!

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