Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Suitcase In Another Hall

Sorry for the long wait readers! For some reason I just kept forgetting to post so my apologies!
I didn't make the cast. I got cut again. Not being able to be on the stage sucks. This is the 5th production that I have been cut from. Well not exactly 'cut' but I haven't been able to be on stage in quite some time. I was cut from Sweeney Todd, have been told that I was an understudy for my last colleges production (which was fun in it's own way, don't get me wrong), I wasn't needed to help with makeup for a children's production of Fiddler on the Roof, got cut from Jesus Christ Superstar, and now I have been cut from this. During Christmas time I literally had to beg one of the churches in town to let me perform in A Christmas Carol, and even then my role was little but I was the best Martha Cratchit I could be for two days straight and I was relieved that nobody threw holy water on me for not "BEING A CHURCH MEMBER." If I didn't have anything to do on Sundays I would go to this church, everyone there was incredibly supportive and kind.

But yeah, giving up caffeine for three weeks, practicing for 2 months, and then finding out that you were cut really sucks. I knew I didn't give the best performance I could have because the nerves were there but I am still disappointed. I understand why I wasn't cast but I am not going to dwell on it or hold it against the director or anything. Sure, I think casting the costume guys daughter was a bit ridiculous but I wasn't at the first auditions on the first day so maybe she is deserving. However I was talking to another girl who auditioned that day and apparently the girl who got my part was only there for five minutes. This girl is the same one who never even auditioned for Sweeney Todd yet got a part. Everyone at my college thinks that she is just the most talented person in the world yet when I first spoke to her she called me a bitch. Lovely. Now I'm not trying to be a sore loser because I didn't receive a role and  I truly don't wish anything horrible on this show, but I cannot help but hope she loses her voice right before the performance. The girl who is her understudy auditioned with me and I would much rather see her on stage than the diva.

Everyone else who got a part I am fully supporting and can only wish broken legs to each and every one of them. It hurts to not be a part of the ' theatre family' but I will try and be a good 2nd cousin once removed to them all. There will be other auditions and I'm not done yet. As Eva Peron might say, another suitcase in another hall.

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