Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Sunday

Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone!

Personally football has never been my thing but for once I know who the teams playing are ahead of kickoff time so I applaud myself for that. I still have no idea who I should root for so once again this year I shall be rooting for the team with the prettiest uniform. This is how I always solve difficult sportsmanlike decisions. If the team is wearing a neat uniform I am hoping they win. Why do I do it this way? Two reasons;
1. I know absolutely nothing about football except what TACKLING and THROWING are and what the score board says.
2. Michigan apparently will never stand a chance of going to the Superbowl and because I live in this state that just makes me feel really pathetic. Speaking of Michigan, the 26th was Michigan's 176th birthday. Happy late birthday Michigan!

But back to Superbowl related business, I hope you all will be having a good time no matter what you are doing or where you are at. Sure, not everyone is into the Superbowl and even if you are one of those people I still hope you are still going to be having a good night. I'll probably switch over to Downton Abbey around 9:00 because I need to know what happened after last weeks episode of immense sadness and again, because football confuses me greatly and the playbacks get on my nerves after awhile.

Beyonce is supposed to be doing the halftime show and rumor has it that Destiny's Child will be reuniting on the stage tonight as well. I'm hoping the rumor is true because I have always liked Destiny's Child but was not a ginormous fan of the three girls solo projects. I'm anticipating a great show but from the previous halftime show's I've seen No Doubt and Madonna have been by far the best. Oh and Phil Collins/Christina Aguilera although I never saw them perform it live during the Superbowl I saw this on youtube and it was pretty amazing, but Phil Collins can do no wrong in my eyes and I love Aguilera's voice so my opinion on that one could be a bit biased.
Paul Mccartney's halftime performance was also pretty spectacular but he has done better shows since then. Please watch his Queen's Jubilee performance if you don't believe me. That is the best thing that I have ever seen in my life.

That's all I have to say about the halftime shows.
By the way do you want to know what is a really horrible idea? Going shopping today. I would consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person and I went shopping! 12 people pushed their carts into me without saying sorry, the guy in line ahead of me couldn't use his credit card because he was going through an "identity crisis" which were his exact words and he made them sound incredibly unbelievable like HE was the one who stole someone else's identity. And I am almost positive the guy who rang up my items was on a very large dose of caffeine...or speed. All I wanted to do was buy a pineapple. PINEAPPLE. That is it. I did not ask for crazy amounts of people, but it is totally my own fault for not considering what day it was. I got through it though, not something I will ever do again but it was an experience. By the way is it normal for people to give out free samples on Superbowl Sunday? For some reason I am thinking that may have been another reason so many people were in the store.

Alicia Keys is going to be singing the national anthem in about 5 minutes. Best of luck to her and to the two football teams and to the guys who pay excessive amounts of money to have their commercial played during break time.

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