Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review Of A Website That Hates Reviews!

Has anyone ever used the website If you haven't I would stay far FAR away from it.

 The website claims to be a service that will buy reviews of anything you can think of: music,movies, books, television shows, cosmetics, food, places, etc.etc.etc. Anything you can think of and they will buy it!
I thought that this website would be a good way to earn a little bit of money before I can find a real job but so far I have only received 38 cents, after submitting 15 or so reviews. Only one was accepted, the others rejected (that kind of sounds like a rap song...) I don't think my writing has ever been rejected so much in my entire life.

They apparently want your "personal opinion" on things but if you give that along with trying to describe the product they will reject you and you will earn NOTHING.  I felt that a lot of the reviews I wrote were really honest and based on my personal opinion and a lot better than half of the ones I have read on there. It is not like I wrote;
"Buy this product. It warms my heart because it's good and coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllll."
But maybe I should start writing like that because then I might make some money! But nope, they don't want my writing for God knows whatever reason. And I am never going to see my 38 cents considering you have to earn $50 which means you need 125 "bulk rate" reviews before you can get paid. I can be a really stubborn person but I'm not going back to that website just to wait 5 more years to get paid $50.

From my experience I learned that if you write like yourself and mention a movie stars name you are apparently plagiarizing other peoples work. I don't think I will ever be able to comprehend the stupidity of that. And because I was plagiarized someone (?) I am now not a trustworthy member in their eyes. Okay. That's fine by me. It's one thing to not pay someone but to call me untrustworthy because I'm reviewing a movie and using an actors name to get my point across, that is unacceptable to me.

One of my friends who I know online that has also used the website in the past claimed that if you emailed the people who run the website they will be completely rude to you and you won't receive an answer to any of your questions, only a snappy remark. Her example was that they found her review to be invaluable. She questioned why. The response she got;
“As you’re informed, we think that your review is not valuable and we don’t want to buy it. You can try to make it valuable and submit review again or try to sell it somewhere else. We don’t see any reason to share our information with you.”

 I haven't tried emailing them but why bother when it is clear that they don't find anything I write acceptable? If anything they would just delete my email like it doesn't exist or I would get something back like the following. ^  Plus I don't really find it necessary to share my words with them. If they want New York Times quality writing, they should pay their writers enough to make it worth while because this is absolutely ridiculous. If you are a writer this website just belittles you and your and I wouldn't waste your time with it. Everyone out there has the potential to be a good writer, don't let this website tell you otherwise.

By the way, I am curious if I would be allowed to review their website. Seems like a good idea but I doubt it would be "accepted."

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