Monday, January 7, 2013

Sorry for My Lack of Blogging

Really, I'm sorry and hope you all don't hate me. Lately I have been researching my colleges fall musical and trying to get my voice to not sound so bad singing-wise. The musical only has 3 girl parts so that means that I have to practice my butt off so I don't get cut. Of course I never have time to practice when my mom is home because she is too busy screaming her head off at me for absolutely no reason. That's another reason as to why I'm practicing so hard, the less time I have to spend in the house the better. Plus musicals are fun! I'm going for the hyperactive all business type character who knows absolutely everything and get's a somewhat type of dance solo which would be a challenge for me but still fun none the less.

However I think going to sleep at 6 am for the past 8 nights in a row is not helping my voice and that kind of plays a big factor when it comes to musicals. But I cannot fall asleep lately no matter what I do! Then I have to get up around 10 and that means I have only had a grand total of 4 hours which sucks. I got some melatonin today so hopefully that will help so I'm not being all vampirish at night and then transforming into a crazed zombie in the morning. 

I have also seemed to have developed a slight cold which makes me extremely worried considering I want to do my best at the audition and not sound all stuffy or like an American Idol reject. I asked a really awesome Broadway performer on twitter what I can do to help my voice stay in shape and she recommended sleep (which as stated above I am not getting enough of), honey, and Emergen-C. I was really surprised to have received a response back to my question, but never the less I would like to thank her for these tips. I have heard of a lot of crazy things to get your voice to be healthy such as starfruit with lemon juice X_X but I have never heard of Emergen-C so that is definitely something I need to check into. I have no idea what flavor to buy though. To all those who have had it before, what do you recommend? 

So I really don't have much going on until the 23rd as you can clearly see but I just thought I should check back in so people don't make the assumption that I am dead because a tiger ate my face off or something like that.

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