Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Waiting Time

Well nobody has called my house yet to tell me if I have received a role or not. I don't recall anyone saying they would call us this time around but we only have to wait until Monday to see the cast list. I'm pretty nervous and for some reason I think that I may have been cut this time around. As I may have mentioned in previous posts before this I do not consider myself much of a singer and that is all that this audition seemed to be- singing. I did have fun and would love to be a part of the show but as someone used to tell me "no news is good news" so I should just stay positive for now.

During this agonizing waiting process I have been trying to keep myself busy; cleaning, marathoning a show I need to catch up on, and basically a bunch of other things to get the audition out of my mind. Nothing seems to be working.

However I just read online that one guy always makes a list of the good and bad things that he did after an audition so that is exactly what I did to pass the time.

The Good
-I made them laugh
-I thanked the piano player for the accompaniment at the beginning because it is ALWAYS a good thing to -have the piano player/music instructor on your side.
-Thanked everyone at the end for their time.
-Told everyone that they did great and gave them high fives even when I thought otherwise.
-Was willing to try out for other parts
-Sang with the one other girl a song that I have never heard before in my life. Power in numbers!
-Sang 99% of the right notes for the character I wanted.
-Was the only person in the room to sing a tough repeatable part of the 1st song correctly.

The Bad
-Showed that I was wrong after I totally effed up the song I didn't know
- Was not character enough and showed no signs of character-ism for the 3 girl characters. (Yes character-ism is now a word.)
-Have a tendency to sing like the person next to me. EVERY TIME.
- Nobody looked impressed with my 99% correct note song. Darn.
-Did not put any choreography into the character I wanted while I was singing. I'm starting to think that that may have been a smart idea.

Ugh, still waiting for the results!!! Downton Abbey comes on later tonight, maybe that will get my mind off of this until tomorrow!

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