Sunday, January 6, 2013

Unforgivable Facebook

Now I have come across some very unusual things on Facebook from people I used to go to high school with. Many of these people are not my friends on there considering they think being a 'redneck,' or a 'gangsta' and TYpIyinGI Lie Dis is NORMAL. It is not normal and makes me want to reach through the screen and severely damage your neck.

Examples of these people will be shown below. They do not have their profile set to private so I can do whatever I want with their status because they have no private life.

*No we pulled it out with the truck it totaled the front pass side ti rods- I shall interpret this as "My 
truck got towed and then something about rods which is either a nickname for someone named 
Rodney, a persons last name, or something involving fishing.

*Money buy at times- Yeeeess. Money can buy you Two Tickets To Paradise.

*Treat others the way u wanna be treated my mom an dad thought me that when I was young- I doubt your 
mother of father 'thought' you anything except thinking that you are a worthless hippopotamus! 

*Wut up bub hmu on those thing unless you got rid of em all....- HMU? Hold my unicorn? Those things 
this lady friend is referring to is more than likely a reference to the drugs in which the neighbors
hijacked so no dear lady friend, afraid he's all out at the moment.

*Well lets start the new year with a breathalyzer. Might go hunting. But then agin I might not.- What an excellent time to update your status sir! Almost positive the cop was not amused by your lack of cooperation!

*Mardi Gras dem horses down! ET is align.- What does this even mean?!?!? Seriously, 10 dollars to who can understand what this person is trying to communicate!

Then there's the loverly lover doves who type things like this back and forth 24/7

im a mess without you. please dont leave me.
I'm not going anywhere babygirl remember that ♥
BABYGIRL! Every time I hear or read that I will always think of the creepy Briona youtube guy. 

I feel like I'm on top of the world with your love :)- But alas, you are not. The world does not like you atop of it. If that happened there would be serious problems forthcoming.

Babygirl idk how you put up wit me but, you do it your suprise me everyday that goes by and your still wit me i love you so much you compelete me your my everything my world- Please shoot me.

I'm not wearin a belt come help my pants stay up! :)- WOAH WOAH WOAH! There is no need for that kind of talk where others can never unread it! And this person is becoming a doctor. God help us all.

Goin 2 c Less Miserable with  Jack at the mall at 8pm. LOVE U!!!- I can forgive the short hand because I can understand it. HOWEVER there is no forgivable reason for a person to misspell a freaking movie title, especially one that they are going to go see! I bet they pronounce it the way that it is spelled too. 

I have also been deleted by a few people which I find kind of  rude. If you delete me on Facebook it makes me think that they are pretty much saying saying eff you I want nothing to do with you for the rest of my miserable life. So I am bitter towards these people.

I may have already mentioned this in one of my other posts a long time ago, but one girls reason for deleting me was because I did not fit her military life and God will never forgive me for my life choices.  I have nothing but respect towards the military so I have no bloody idea what her problem was.

And the reason I wrote this entire post is because of this girl right here who used to be my friend but deleted me. I found out the reason I was deleted. According to her status I am not part of the wolf pack. You read that correctly; wolf pack. Wolf pack.What. the. hell?
"I am a wolf trapped inside a human body. I have three other wolves in my pack. We will tear apart those who aren't for us. We gather under the full moon to express ourselves. " 

Oh this clears everything up! What is wrong with people?!?!? This girl used to be so cool in high school and we would talk every single day. Now she is a werewolf and  paranoid. To anyone out there who is reading this and thinks they are a werewolf, I beg of you to go see your nearest psychiatrist. You are not in Twilight, Jacob is a fictional dude from a terrible book series, whatever supernatural book you are reading is wrong, and I highly doubt that you have ever been bitten by a real wolf which carries tons of diseases. Sadly these 'packs' are pretty common in today's day and age. I am all for accepting peoples uniqueness but I am drawing a line with this.

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