Saturday, January 26, 2013


Yesterday at around 6:00 I happened to audition for my colleges spring musical. Now for months I have been listening to the soundtrack on and off to get the feel for each of the characters and their songs. However the soundtrack did not inform me that the actual score for the production was majorly crazetastical! Maybe I just didn't listen to the music enough but I swear the music for the show was played 10 times slower than normal. The girl accompanying us was pretty good and I probably was singing too speedily for the tempo but I do miss the awesome guy who accompanied us during the last musical. Oh well, change can be good.

And it just so happened that six guys that I know decided to audition tonight and only one other girl besides myself which I found pretty neat because in my opinion the less people auditioning with you the better. She wasn't even going for the part I wanted either so that was also a plus!

To begin with everyone circled around the piano and sang the first song of the show--completely wrong to begin with. It was pretty hilarious considering it went something like this;" "AT THEEEEE ASTFGKJOPIUYTHWMVLBNVGTYVNNIGQWRT!" Thankfully everyone was laughing after the music  director asked us exactly what the hell we were singing.I doubt we even knew but it wasn't in a together-like fashion! After a few more times singing the opening number as a warm up we all sat down and went by gender. Guys auditioned for a male character first.

Two guys completely effed the song up but were laughing about it. It was quite the down to earth type of audition which I enjoyed lots.

After the guys sang for the one character the music director asked us two ladies if anyone was going for the lead female character. I wasn't but there is power in numbers so I went up to sing with her. The song was the only freaking one I didn't listen to before the audition so obviously I didn't do so well with that one but laughed it off anyways. I sang the song waaaaay too fast but luckily I would like to think I didn't take it too seriously. Music director was laughing as soon as I said CHAIR the second time. Laughter is the key to success!  But when I sat down I swear my face turned a bright lobster colored red. I was blushing. I never blush. I don't even know what that was!

After the guys all sang for another character the next song the girls were asked to sing was for the character I wanted and I was happy that the girl beside me went up to sing with me like I did with her. Again, power in numbers! I actually thought I did really good when I sang it but sadly I don't think anyone was that impressed.

After the guys sang two more songs (which were really fun little tunes) the music director called me specifically up to the piano to sing the part of another character. I did my best and some guy afterwards told me that I was adorable but I'm not getting my hopes up. Not one of my better auditions I can say that. On Monday we are to find out who get's cast and I'm already kind of dreading it.

I know that two guys who auditioned with me are surely going to get cast because they were awesome but to everyone else it's fair game. Honestly I thought everyone did super super super good but in the end only 9 of us will be cast which will be a shame for a lot of us. If I'm not cast I am always willing to help backstage because more than likely help will be needed when it gets closer to production time. Wish me broken legs until Monday!

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