Monday, January 7, 2013


It is January 7, 2013 and still nothing much has happened. I go back to college on the 23rd and unfortunately I am not really looking forward to that because I was not able to get into the professional theatre class because stupid people probably signed up the exact second that it was offered and now I am stuck with taking ACCOUNTING which I already know is not going to be something I will enjoy. I am already dreading this and that can be nothing but a bad sign. However I do have to take a 4 credit class to graduate so I'm just going to have to suck it up.

But this post isn't going to be about my college classes and what not. I have been thinking about my dreams lately and how exactly I can make them happen when I live in nowhereville Michigan. Everyone has a dream and sadly a lot of people tend to give up on them for many different reasons which really makes me sad. I just want to tell my blog readers that no matter how unrealistic your dream may seem, don't give up on it. I am positive that you can make it happen even if it does take you another 20 years. Please take Rick Astley's advice and apply it to your dream.

I know this may seem "so 2009" but you may remember the name Susan Boyle. If you have forgotten who she is I beg of you to watch the clip below:

She never gave up on her dream and now she has made four records, learned how to play the piano, and has the respect of billions of people. Truly she is a great role model and inspiration to those who have a dream. Her performance also taught a life lesson that a lot of us seem to forgot; don't judge a book by it's cover. 

A lot of people have a common dream of finding the love of their life, getting married, owning a sweet car, going to Hawaii and eating pineapple, etc. One of the dreams that I have is to be in any stage production of Sweeney Todd and Les Miserables and get cast as Mrs. Lovett and Eponine. I would really love to do theatre professionally and receive an equity card but I feel that I should work my way up and because I am trying to get as much experience as I can right now even if some college kids did take my place in the  theatre class because they were faster than me to sign up. This kind of just makes me more determined to be the best that I can be when it comes to acting. If some volleyball playing person wanted to take my place in the class and learn about resumes and monologues that is fine, but I am going to have to make sure that I am just as good as them when it comes time to audition for the spring musical and make it seem that I have a lot more experience under my belt compared to Ms. Took My Place.  But yeah, back to the dream subject, Lovett and Eponine are my dream roles that I would do practically anything for. I have wanted to play Lovett since I was 12 years old, Eponine since I was 15 when I first heard Frances Ruffelle sing On My Own. At the moment that is my personal dream and I am not going to give up on it. Sure, a 50 year old playing Eponine would be a little strange but I am determined to get cast even if it does take me that long.

Yes, dreams of peace on earth would be nice as well, but that is something that is going to take more than 50 years to happen and it would take more than a single person to accomplish that. So my question to the readers of this blog is what is your dream? I would really like to know what it is. You can leave an anonymous message if you'd like but I truly want to know about your goals in life!

^ These pictures looked 'dreamy' so I posted them on here. By the way, dreamy is a fun Brady Bunch word to say! I would love to hear someone say that in the real world and not have them get beat up. Dreamy dreamy dreamy!!! =P

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