Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Miss America

So I watched the Miss America pageant the other night. I try so hard not to be judgmental when it comes to pageants because these girls have gone through a ton of stuff to get to this point and I have an  acquaintance who actually competed in Miss Teen USA in 1996.

Unfortunately just because someone I know competed in a pageant once that does not mean I agree with  the tactics that they go through to become 'beautiful' are okay. When I was in Minnesota a long time ago I accidentally ran into a former Miss Teen USA in a woman's restroom. At the time I had no idea who it was considering all I heard was some lady telling her child to throw up in the stall a few doors next to mine. When I came out a thin lady wearing a sash with Miss Teen >State< was washing her hands and I learned right then that this was not right. The lady who I thought was her mom was actually her manager and because I was only about 10 or so at the time she just gave me a look that said if you tell anyone you will be sorry. The pageant lady was very nice to me though and I actually got a picture with her afterwards because my mom had no freaking idea what had just happened when we came out. Sure, Miss >State<  may have just had an allergic reaction to something she ate but for some reason I feel that there are other ways to solve that than to have someone screaming at a girl who is only about 15 to go throw up. I have never really told anyone that story before considering I have a feeling that nobody would believe me. In my opinion starving yourself and throwing up does not make you beautiful. If anything it just causes more problems in the long run and if you are in a pageant one day you will get dizzy and fall down on the stage whilst wearing the latest swimsuit and that will not be fun. I'm not saying that all contestants of the pageant world stoop to that level, in fact a lot of them don't. I know many of them are told to not eat certain foods before the pageant but that has been happening probably since the Miss America thing began and that seems to be a little bit healthier than not eating altogether or to eat and then purge.

One of my favorite Miss America's who I was lucky enough to hear speak in Michigan is Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999. She is a diabetes advocate and has had type 1 diabetes since 1993 and unlike a lot of other winners she does seem to care about the cause. I have been a type 1 since I was six years old and when I heard her speak I knew that I could do anything even if I was a diabetic. I remember in one of her speeches she stated how she went low backstage and that nobody at the pageant knew that she was diabetic. She started eating something that was "not on the list of approved foods" and apparently all the girls  got really mad until they found out that she was diabetic and that if she didn't eat she could be hospitalized. I heard her speak when I was just diagnosed so a lot of this could have been reworded but either way she had a big impact on me and for that I thank her.

But anyways as for the 2013 pageant!
- The scripted introductions always make me want to kick the writers.
- The intro song that they used was One Directions What Makes You Beautiful. Yeah that should already say something right there...
- Michigan got cut quite quickly which was a shame because usually I like to vote for my own state!
-Mckayla Maroney was a judge. I doubt she will be impressed tonight but who knows.
- All the swimsuits were the same. EVERY.LAST.ONE. I have no idea how someone can judge the this when every girl is wearing the same one but only 2 are wearing it in a different color.

- I hated these dresses

Apparently Miss Illinois's fashion inspiration was Jessica Rabbit... this looks nothing like Jessica Rabbit's dress. And she couldn't walk in it either.
Miss South Carolina Ali Rogers competes in the evening gown portion of the Miss America 2013 pageant on Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013, in Las Vegas. Rogers was named first runner-up. Photo: Isaac Brekken
I feel that her boobs are going to pop out of this dress for some reason. Not cool.
-Miss Texas favorite gown

Really I didn't like any of the ball gowns except Texas. I found them quite boring. Oh and they all came from the same store which probably didn't help much when it came to choosing.
- They decided to fill up some time by having the losing girls pretend to work out on stage. I felt embarrassed  FOR THEM.
-They brought out donuts for the losing girls as well. They looked so confused as to what to do with them but they had to take a bite for television purposes, it was just sad. The only one who looked like she could care less was Miss Nebraska. Rock on Nebraska!
-Miss Iowa's name is Mariah Cary. And she dances, she doesn't sing. And they said her name every chance they got because it is oh so funny to have a contestant with the same name as a singer.
- Miss Texas twirled batons. No, they did not get set on fire which I was strongly hoping would happen  Miss Congeniality style.
- Miss Wyoming should have worn this for her ball gown. I thought it was the most beautiful dress of the night.

-Miss New York definitely had the most fun during the talent portion with her tap dance. Good for her.
-Miss Maryland was lucky I wasn't in the audience because I would have pushed her off the stage and sand the rest myself. She sang I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables and completely butchered it and in no context could she ever relate to it. This pissed me off so much.
Basically none of these ladies are going to be the next Vanessa Williams when it comes to the talent portion.

Question and Answer!
Just watch:
I apologize for the bad quality of the video, twas the only one I could find!

Why must South Carolina always shame their state with their answers? "I WANT TO BE FEATURED IN A FOOTBALL GAME!" Whaaaat?!?!? 

In the end Miss New York won. Congrats to her! But for  once I would really like to see a pale girl compete for Miss America. JUST ONCE. I don't even care if she wins I just want to see it! And why must everyone be spray tanned? WHY?!?!?!? 

Now onto my question: If you are a girl or a transvestite or even a guy what color dress would you wear or what color dress do you like to see in these pageants? Personally I would wear something like this because I love glitter and pink!

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