Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 Everyone!


 I hope everyone is having a wonderful year so far and is having fun and that your resolutions and goals will be fullfilled! 2011 went by so fast I still can't believe it! I basically just read a book, and watched television which was showing the 20 greatest New Years performances by old school bands which I loved. They showed the Spice Girls 1997 performance and that was a complete flashback. The Spice Girls were my favorite in the 90's.

And if you were a 90's kid they were likely one of your favorite bands too so being judgemental will get you nowhere! =P

^ I'm not sure if they were lip singing or not... lol.

After all of that I turned into MTV which was the biggest mistake of the night along with the most amusing. Demi Lovato was interviewing some kid named Mac Miller who is famous for his song "Donald Trump" in which I never heard before until that day. The interview lasted about 3 minutes and this kid was all like "yeah Im so 'haps' that I'm here." Haps... riiiight.

I felt sorry for Demi Lovato throughout all of this. She then turns to him and asks,
"Do you think Donald Trump likes your song?"
His response: "Yeah Im guessing he does I ain't sued yet!!!!" Yes, yet being the key word here. For if I was a billionaire like Donald Trump and sadly came across this punk kid I would get the best lawyers in the state of New York and make sure he never even speaks the last name of Trump ever again.

Punk kid then proceeds to tell us about how he is so 'dope' and that he decided to take his homies to see him perform live this year! And people kept saying that he was the next Eminem which is an astonishingly untrue comment. Nobody can be the next person, they can have similiar styles in the way of doing things but they will always be a different person. Personally, if I have to choose between the two I find Eminem better in personality and music and I am not a big fan of most rap. I have no animosity towards the 'dope' kid what so ever but I hate the fact that he is recieving undeserved praise and is screwing up the english language.

I found his performance repetative and couldn't understand a word he was spitting out so I flipped the channel in time to see Ryan Seacrest talking about how fabulous New Years is in Time Square along with another whore of a host trying to flirt with the crowd which was incredibly uncomfortable for all parties watching.

 Lady Gaga also performed which I must say was amazing. I actually do not have a problem with Gaga, I find her unique and I respect everything she does even if it is really out there. You could tell that she was honoured to even be there and appreciated having the chance to perform in her state. It seemed to me that the people in Time Square loved her and with good reason considering her performance was flawless.

When New Year's hit Dick Clark counted down as always only this year he was a bit slower than the clock. I believe in 2010 he messed up the countdown so compared to that he did well. Then a whole bunch of dancey-dance music came on and I was super dancey and didn't even get bored until I crashed at 4am and my mom had to wake me up and scream at me to GO TO BED because THE FLOOR IS NOT MY BEDROOM!

As for my movie/book goals this year I failed yet again. One year I will reach 25, ONE YEAR! Books suffered the most this year as I've been reading terrible fanfiction, tutorials, youtube comments, and other things instead.
Here we go:


  • Inception- Horrible

  • Secretariat - Good

  • Red Eye - Ending sucked

  • Elvis and Anabelle - Great

  • Eclipse- I was forced to watch this.

  • Beyond the Blackboard- Great

  • Lemonade Mouth- It was on Disney Channel and I was bored

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides- Great

  • The Shawshank Redemption - Fantastic

  • Scream - Great

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.2- By far the best movie of the year.

  • Cyberbully- Again, I watched because I was bored. The moral was good but the script was unrealistic.

  • Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story- LOVED

  • The Last Song- It was surprisingly good and I dislike Nicholas Sparks with a passion.

  • Julie & Julia - Meryl Streep is phenomenal

  • Final Destination 3 - I love all the Final Destination's

  • Final Destination 5- Best one since the original

  • Jacob's Ladder- SUCKED!

  • Lion King 3D - BEST MOVIE EVER.

  • The Others - I'm surprised I got through it without screaming in terror

  • Brazil- Alright movie which lost all meaning in the last hour

  • Pay It Forward - Great concept

  • Greta- I got bored while watching it

  • Overall: 23!!!!!! 2 more movies and I would have had it!!!!!!!


  • Tess of The D'Urbervilles-Thomas Hardy

  • Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters-Ben H. Winters

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them- J.K. Rowling

  • Voice Over Voice Actor: What It's Like Behind The Mic- Tara Platt&Yuri Lowenthal

  • Esperanza Rising- Pam Munoz Ryan

  • Shanghai Girls- Lisa See

  • Peony in Love- Lisa See

  • Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Lisa See

  • Abandon- Meg Cabot

  • Dreams of Joy- Lisa See

  • A Game of Thrones

  • Nancy Drew: Secret of the old Clock

  • Nancy Drew: Hidden Staircase

  • Nancy Drew: Bungalow Mystery

  • Nancy Drew: Mystery at Lilac Inn

  • Nancy Drew: Secret at Shadow Ranch

  • Nancy Drew: Secret at Redgate Farm

  • Nancy Drew: Clue in the Diary

  • Les Miserables

  • The Little Mermaid

  • Overall: 20! Tess was finished January 2nd last year and I tried my best to finish Villette by Charlotte Bronte but wasn't able to accomplish doing so. I read Nancy Drew during college because they are easy and fun reads but I'm still upset I only got to 20 this year.

    My resolution this year is simple: Get a license! No license= no life and no fun times!

    Hope everyones 2012 will be as good, if not better than 2011.

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