Monday, January 9, 2012

Les Miserables 2012 Movie

"Look down, look down. Don't look 'em in the eye. Look down, look down, You're here until you die."

This is not a good week. My computer somehow got a virus on it which I was able to fix (and felt like a techie genius when doing so) and for three or so days I wasn't able to get onto the internet or type or print or do anything. But alas, I do love the computer but I'm not completely reliant on it so I read a 300 and something page book and got my hair trimmed!

However I couldn't sleep one night so I go on the computer and try to fix this Trojan virus thingy by installing Spyware doctor because I was fortunate enough to have google on my phone (for a dollar or so a minute) and a  website's instructions helped me online to install this anti-spyware. Now my computer is running good, so let's just keep our fingers crossed on that one!

But sadly the first thing I saw when I got the internet back up and running was some news article on my homepage stating "Taylor Swift get's role of a lifetime!"
Me: I thought she was a singer...
Being a curious cat I opened this link and it flat out SCREAMS in my face that she has been offered, I repeat OFFERED
the role as Eponine in the Les Miserables movie. What the absolute hell. She is a  pop country singer/songwriter and probably an overall nice person but she really cannot sing. WHO tell me WHO thought this was a brilliant idea? I can picture some imbecile saying something like "Oooh let's capture the more younger and general audience by giving her a lead, that's a brilliant pschycadelic idea man! Hahaha money!" But it really does seem like a crass move to me. Next thing you know Gavroche will be given to Justin Bieber...

The singing in the movie is apparently not going to be recorded but sung live. Have they not heard her when she tries to hit the high notes live? Her voice craaaacckks. Not related to the musical but I feel Why won't that she represents everything that is false and manufactured in music today. Plus, all of her song's sound like the soundtrack to TWILIGHT. The thing that get's me is why was she even in consideration when up against Evan Rachel Wood and Lea Michelle, and a lot of other GOOD singers and actors? I didn't want Michelle as Eponine either but atleast she has range and depth.

And to quote someone on imdb;

"Swift did not have to do the same audition process as the others. She was not capable. The others all sang the entire libretto for the role they were singing for. Hooper was quite blown away by Jackman, Hathaway, Wood, Redmayne etc. but not by Swift. However, he loves her look and has her working with coaches. He also, for the record, was never seriously considering Michelle. The award winning singer was the weakest singer of them all."
^God help us if any of that is true.

This is Swift singing a showtune:
Why did she get chosen over someone with the ability to actually sing a Broadway song? This is supposed to be Eponine? I think not.

As for the character in general, Eponine is not blonde! I repeat, Eponine is not an effing blonde! Why don't we just cast Charo as Eponine and call it a freaking day?!?!? RAGE. Hugo even says on his book on page 241 describing both Eponine and Azelma when they are first introduced;
"They were two pretty little girls, rather city girls than peasants, very charming, one with her well-polished auburn tresses, the other with her long black braids falling down her back and both so lively,neat,plump,fresh, and healthy, that it was a pleasure to see them." - Not sure which is which but the word blonde to describe hair color is not in that paragraph!

I understand that a wig can be used for this problem if Tom Hooper wants to go that way, but it just seems wrong to me. Eponine is not Barbie. I hate people who base their casting decisions on looks alone (I have played a little girl way too many times to count) so I could get over the non-dirty street urchin look if I had solid proof that Taylor could act while being able to carry a tune.

What makes matters worse is that half of these news articles you read keep saying that Eponine is the priveledged child of the Thenardier's. Yeah, AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DAMN BOOK. When she first appears in the musical after Cosette's "Castle on a Cloud" solo she is shown to be ragged, wearing a beret, and appears that life has not treated her well considering she is now a part of her father's gang. It takes skill to be this character, something I don't think Swift has enough of when it comes to acting as of yet. That's what worries me the most, not the looks, not even the singing, but the ACTING. She was not good in Valentine's Day and she has no theater experience that we are aware of. How is this a good casting choice?

Then to make matters even more disturbing Amanda Seyfried has been offered the role of Cosette. NOO. I have stated again and again and again and even said on my facebook "I do not want to see anyone named Fraser, Farrell, Schwarzenegger, Hasselhoff, Cruise, Holmes,Aniston, Seyfried, Hilton, or Efron being withing 20,000,000 feet of this film!!!" So what do they do? Offer a big role to the girl who was on my list on no's. However she has more potential to play Cosette than Swift would. Seyfried was pretty good in Mama Mia (even though I really didn't like that movie) but it proves that she can sing so she has a possability of doing ok if she accepts the role which I'm still a little iffy on. I'm honestly still wanting Jayne Wisener in this role.

Then there's Russell Crowe who's officially playing one of my favorite characters in history; Inspector Javert. First and foremost I'm not a huge fan of Crowe's but could definetley see him in this role unless he keeps pronouncing his characters name wrong for it is not JAY-VEEEERT!

Hugh Jackman is officially playing the lead of Jean Valjean and although I am familiar with his work and am tired of hearing his name thrown around for every movie, he will be great in this.

Anne Hathaway as Fantine- I love Hathaway I really do but I can in no way,shape,or form see her as Fantine. Plus I am still a little mad that she was offered the role based on her Oscar performance of On My Own which I thought was more "entertain the people" rather than good.

Aaron Tveit as Enjolras- This guy is fantastic and is a broadway veteran. He played Leo's character Frank for Catch Me If You Can on Broadway and was phenomenal at The Tony's.

Eddie Redmayne as Marius- I all around hate Marius's character but this guy is great. I think he's a fabulous actor and will do the role justice.

Sasha Baron Cohen as Monsier Thenardier- At first I heard the role was going to Geoffrey Rush which I was happy about but I'm just as happy to hear that Cohen has the role, he will do well.

Last but not least
Helena Bonham Carter as Madame Thenardier- YES! She is amazing in everything so there is no doubt in my mind that she will do spectacular like always.
As for Swift and Seyfried, if they do accept the offer good luck to them. However I want everyone to keep in mind that just because an old mysterious lady offers you an apple that doesn't obligate you to take it.

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