Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby GIRL!

Ah that kid must be new here. Things like this should never see the light of day. This whole video deserves a prison sentence. I feel like the world has been violated.

I'll keep it short. This guy is a sick,twisted, son of a bitch if he is not trolling. I appreciate different techniques when it comes to acting and sure, this would be a lovely speech to give if you were on Broadway playing a part in a show about Charles Mansons secret love life. However, this is the internet. The public does not appreciate real life borderline psychotic acts where others lives may possibly be harmed. If you post a video like that, your entire life will get destroyed. To quote someone from a youtube comment:
"Youtube is not for confessions of love, eyebrow raising, and camera rocking. It's for cats. Youtube is for cats." So if this was supposed to be a joke it wasn't a very good one.

Seriously, this guy isn't a future serial killer what so ever! Incase you decided to ignore the video above here is how it all went down;

This insane border line stalker of a kid is talking about how much he loves his girlfriend, or I'm sorry "Baby Giirrrllll" Briona. He shows his love throughout the video using crazy lines such as "You mean more to me than just anything, you mean more to me than golden diamonds mean to the greediest burglar." Because everyone knows girls love it when you compare them to unexistant diamonds of the gold variety that greedy burglars like to steal! He continues to say a few more lines like that which not only make me want to puke but also make me want to back away from the screen considering  he seems to want to jump through my computer screen and strangle me. I've never had a boyfriend but the attachment level of their relationship seems a bit unhealthy to me.

He also keeps rocking the camera back and forth and can't keep the camera straight to save his life which may be a good thing considering the stupid kid looked like he was NAKED in the video and many people are claiming that he is molesting himself which I shall leave to everyone elses interpretation. I am going to take a guess and say that the crazy murderous stalker had Briona tyed up to a bed in an abandoned house somewhere, hidden from view, and because this is his first attempt at rape, he was a bit nervous thus meaning the camera was shaking because of his 'nerves' which will be a really poor excuse for him to give when the cops show up... 

But anyways, this guy is a creeper, incase I haven't said that already. ;P  He unneccesaryly blinks for too long, raises his eyebrows in a sadistic way, licks his lips like there is blood on them, and pretty much has the smile of a serial killer. Not to mention he decided it would be fun to give his devotion for Briona an extra kick with the soft, creepy laughter at the end to seal their fate together.

Now I'm not sure if any of you noticed but this guy has an empty closet in the background which disturbs me. Maybe he emptied it so it is ready for when he kidnaps his baby girl against her will! Run. Run, Briona. Run away, and never return!!!

I am almost positive that this guy is a stupid troll looking for money and fame and that everything he said was fake and that there really is no Briona unless it is his cat. Although in my opinion, doing things like this for 15 minutes of fame isn't worth it and is a really pathetic way to get attention. I'm seriously hoping this entire thing was a troll attempt or that kid is in for a world of unfun at his school- same goes for Briona who I feel sorry for considering this guy emotes all kind of creepocity.

Edit: I love people who defend this kid. More than likely they are Twilight lovers. I shall now post some comments idiots wrote defending this messed up love!

"Seriously? Dom , seems like the sweetest person youll EVER meet , I'm 13 0k? And you all need to get over yourself!! You guys are jealous:P they are the cutest couple:) and all the girls would prob. LOVE him to say that to a girl:) everyone needs to be nice to them. BRIONA I KNOW HOW IT FEELS !!! :) I'm DEFFENDING you!! They need to quit!! MESSAGE ME BRIONA AND DOM!! -3" -
No young padawan. 'Dom' seems like quite the effed up specimen of a so called human being. Everyone can see that you are a minor by your atrocious writing and slang. Putting a 0 in place of an O does not make you sound groovy. It is physically impossible to get over one's self for people are born with only one body meaning playing leap frog with yourself is out of the question. I have seen cuter couples in the obituary's. If by cute you mean incredibly stalkerish then yes! I am a girl and I would be uber creeped out and file a lawsuit if he said that to me, not jealous. I am not THAT desperate. I feel that I am being kind to them by stating the reasons as to why this "relationship" will never work! If any girl out there wants a guy to say those things to them, I suggest some strong and professional mental therapy. For the person who wrote this comment, I am immensley concerned if you literally know how it feels to be stalked, especially if you are only 13 years of age.

stop with the hate, brionas a hottie and D's giving her the D. I think its cute. - Giving her the D. I understand completely... werent incredibly insane at that age? you are boring.- This comment had me rofl so props to this kid!

Briona also made a video response defending her lover!

This video isn't as viral as her boyfriends though. You're not living up to his expectations baby girl. I feel that there is a logical reason for her even responding to him. Anyone else see the tip of the shotgun and notice how her words didn't flow as sincerely as baby boy's? He totally wrote those words for her to say to the camera while putting her in a threatening situation.


  1. you're funny girl.

  2. my question is how were you able to stand watching that for 1:42? I had to turn it off, I am physically unable to watch that for longer than like 18 seconds, it's so embarrassing!!! :O


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