Saturday, January 28, 2012

Waiting Waiting Waiting La la la

So I auditioned for my colleges musical yesterday evening and for once I found the audition to actually be FUN. At first I was going to be the only person auditioning considering it was the last day to be accepted and I foolishly told the director that I WAS TERRIFIED (stupid me! You know not to doubt yourself infront of the people casting the musical!) but fortunatley a lady who works behind the scenes and I knew from my last theatre class auditioned with me as well which was a relief, especially during the singing part.

Speaking of the singing part, take a guess at what I had to do first! =P

Although I am in no way,shape, or form a singer I was quite proud of myself for actually having the guts to do it. The guy teaching us the music was super nice and the lady playing the piano was super sweet as well. I mean, they didn't even cut me off when I started singing that has to mean something right? Or maybe not, the 2nd verse of the song I was totally off pitch but I'm still pretty happy that I atleast took a shot at it. I listened to the songs beforehand and was actually glad to be doing the one I knew better than the rest considering that calmed me down A LOT and because the people were so nice my nerves went away pretty fast. The music director told me that I was enunciating a bit too much on one word when it should have been another and also gave me a few more helpful tips to keep in mind. Oh and FYI this musical is more about rhythm rather than sounding like the next Christine Daae which I was grateful to learn!

I had a lot of fun during the cold reading as well. I have only done a cold read twice or so in my life and although I think I rocked this part I'm starting to have my doubts, which I do after every bloody audition! I feel that I did pretty good during the first read, the director laughed and both of us went past our stopping place without him noticing. He then asked if I could do a British accent which I replied yes and then doubting myself YET AGAIN I say "I shall try my best." I thought I did OK during that scene despite the fact that I missed a line. After that the director said thanks for coming, you were awesome, see you on Tuesday, go home! Lol. Ok, he had a lot more to say and was a lot nicer than that but basically I went home after the audition and felt HAPPY. Usually after auditions I'm like asdfjkl;fgetrijuitgjgh! But it has taken me an entire day to now doubt myself so I think I'm improving with my SELF CONFIDENCEEEEE!!!!!!

Now it's just waiting until the cast list goes up on Monday. Three days. And even if I don't get a part due to my lack of singing ability or acting performance I will be ok. I gave it my best and I believe that I may have a future career as a curtain puller if I don't get cast and I am perfectly alright with that. It was a fun audition but now the anticipation for the list is going to kill me!

But because I am doubting myself let's look at all the things I did WRONG just for fun so I don't ever do them again! - Best website ever for newbs to theatre.

1. I do not think I made the director uncomfortable that's always a great thing!
2. I made excuses. I pretty much said to everyone "Haha! I'm not a singer!!!!!!" before the actual singing part happened! Mistake #1.
3. I said sorry about a billion times. Sorry I skipped that line, sorry I don't understand, sorry my voice Crackkedd Taylor Swift style!!!!
4. I did a choreographed routine while singing- alright I'm lying about that one. But I've always wanted to see someone do that. It would definetley keep my attention if nothing else.
5. I think the music director and a few others thought I was on drugs or something because I was smiling and happy throughout the entire audition and said thanks a bunch of times.

But other than those five things I think it went rather well. We'll see come Monday!

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