Friday, January 6, 2012


For future reference here are peoples alias names for future blogging:
*Mandy- Dad's bipolar girlfriend who hates me
*Darla- Stupid daughter of said girlfriend

You want to know a way to make an insomniac wish to bash a frying pan over your face? Mess with her already disorderly sleep schedule.

I was at my dads house pretty much dying of thirst and because my dad and his girlfriend already went to bed I asked *Darla if I could have a bottle of water. She tells me that I could have some fizzy water with bubbles and I kindly said that it would be fine. I'm really not too picky when it comes to water and it's many variations.

About an hour or so later it's 9:00 and I'm finished drinking this fizzy water that I thought tasted like a type of medication of some sort and Darla starts laughing her head off which I could have only assumed as some type of relative dysfunctioning with her brain, which happens on a regular basis with her. So being the kind hearted soul I am I ask her what she finds so amusing and THIS is what she told me;

"HAHAHA! That wasn't water! That was a sugar free Rockstar! Isn't that funny?!?!?"

Oooooh no. I do not find this to be a knee slapper! You must get your head chopped off guillotine style now. I am truly grateful that you didn't give me tequila of some sort but being awake at 3 in the morning unvoluntarily is not my idea of hilarious times!

Maybe I should blame myself for only ever trying the pink and orange Rockstars but I find it quite unsettling that someone my age, or any age really, would do this to someone and find it to be laugh out loud worthy. Plus who in their right mind puts energy drinks in water bottles?!?!? I swear if I am not asleep by four I am filling up a bucket of cold water with ice and pouring it over her head! For the record, yes I do believe that I do not need to stoop down to her level because I'm a better person and blah blah blah. However, when one get's only two or so hours of sleep the night before and none the next day she tends to get pretty agitated!

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