Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chicagoooooooo Chicago!

For my moms birthday this week we were supposed to be in Chicago. That did not happen. Why? Let's start from the beginning shall we?

I got up at 7:00 which is a big deal for me considering I never wake up before 12:00 unless I have to go to college. I took a shower, me and my mom finished packing our bags, and then her mom drove us to the train station. The train scheduled for 8:30 just left which was a little weird considering it was 9:00 but it didn't really seem important at the time.

Our train was supposed to leave at 9:25 but we ended up waiting at the station for an extra 15 minutes. Some guy comes out and tells everyone that "It isn't business as usual today" and that because of a gas leak/derailment the train probably wouldn't end up in Chicago today, and then he runs behind a closed door so us passengers wouldn't form an angry mob or something.

I had to relay this information to my mom who was in the restroom at the time the guy made the announcement but apparently she didn't believe me and chose to speak with some asshole with a mustache who relayed the same information to her all the while smiling and laughing about not being able to go to Chicago. This guy was lucky I had to watch our luggage or I would have jumped out of my seat and punched him in the face. He acted like he WORKED at the train station because he kept going around and telling everyone what the official train guy said. We know, everyone was here listening to the announcement except my mom. So shut up and sit down, YOU DON'T EVEN WORK HERE.

Luckily we got a refund on our tickets considering if we did not we would have been in GARY INDIANA for the whole night, aka the murder capital of the world!!! But it still sucks just the same because it was my moms birthday and things like this are just not supposed to happen on a birthday. I bought her a cake and we dyed Easter Eggs and went out to lunch and went shopping but it still wasn't the same as it would have been in Chicago but you have to try and make the best of things when things like this happen.

Now I'm thinking it was a good thing that we didn't go. My dad found out today that this happened;
We were supposed to stay at a hotel on State Street! State Street is close to Michigan Avenue! I wouldn't have known what to do except run back to the hotel! I think a guardian angel was on our side so thank you mr/mrs./miss guardian angel. But this is still a pretty horrible thing to happen to all the non-terrible people wandering the streets of Chicago. And if my mom got mugged on her birthday after we spent 12 hours waiting on a train in Gary Indiana that would have been the worst birthday ever! And exactly what were those teens trying to accomplish? How to get arrested in less than an hour? I have yet to see a reasoning behind their behavior. Then again, sometimes people don't need a reason to justify their behavior, to quote Alfred Pennyworth "Some men just want to watch the world burn."

I just read this as well; 
If those teens who ran the streets on Saturday had begun a gun battle across Michigan Ave, hitting dozens of tourists and families along the way, the city would never recover from the national spotlight. No tourism campaign of any kind could erase those imagines from the minds of families all over the country who would never again spend a weekend here after seeing the news.

This is a good point. We should all be thankful that these people didn't manage to kill anyone. Some of them may have been armed but thankfully nothing like this ^ happened. If you were in Chicago during this time I hope that you are safe and didn't get caught up in this ruckus!!! 

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