Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Can Do Whatever I Want!

Just heard someone say this on Facebook. In many peoples minds whenever you turn a certain age you are  allowed to do anything you want. This is a false statement! You want to know what you CAN'T (okay, maybe not can't) but SHOULDN'T do at any age?
- Rob a bank
- Mug a little old lady
- Set fire to a church
- Set fire to ANY place
- Go to something political, jump onstage, and take the microphone away from the person speaking.
- Punch a child in the face
- Hand out drugs in front of a police station
- Cliff dive into a swamp with alligators
- Break into someones house in the nude at night.
- Give alcohol to someone under age at a local restaurant.
- Steal a gumball machine
- Carjack someone
- Sell a dead man's organs on ebay
- Stop breathing
- Marry Johnny Depp or any other celebrity who doesn't know you personally.
- Exceed the speed of light.
- Feed a unicorn grapes.

All of this and then some you CANNOT (or should not) do. So no, you cannot do whatever you want. If you are 21 yes you are finally allowed to gamble but you still cannot feed a unicorn grapes, that is preposterous!

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