Saturday, April 13, 2013

Creepy Disney Times!

I have officially decided that there are two kinds of creepy; good creepy and bad creepy.
-People who memorize books word for word is creepy but not overly so. People who write depressing love poems on their blog and then post pictures of a human skull signifying that as their girlfriend is the BAD kind of creepy. Don't do that.
-Singing A New Argentina while your teacher is talking about the country of Argentina is odd but I would hug someone if they ever did that. Listening to Ozzy Osbourne on your ipod and singing at the top of your lungs down the hallway while doing a hip hop dance number is odd but as long as you are happy doing that then you shouldn't care. However, walking up to someone you don't know and singing Purple Rain in their face is the bad kind of odd and is surely not the way to go about approaching people.
-Cutting out paper swans and handing them to everyone you see is a kind sort of creepy. Cutting out someone's eardrum and showing it to the elementary school kids is the horrible kind of creepy.
- Naming your cat Lil' Hitler is a terrible thing to do. Throwing your cat into a swamp full of alligators is even worse and you should be having significant jail time for such stupidity. Cats don't float.
- Staring at someone for more than a minute is creepy. Staring at someone, pointing in their direction, then laughing maniacally is plain disturbing.

I just wanted to get that out there.

I have also officially decided that I will be having a Disney movie marathon this week. I will be watching;
*Snow White- I haven't seen that movie in forever and honestly I have always thought Snow White was awesome. I would love love LOVE to be her at Disney, but alas Disney's standards to characters are quite ridiculous and I shall blog about that another time.
*Sleeping Beauty- I have never seen this movie yet I have seen The Black Cauldron. I should be shunned for this...
* The Little Mermaid- Because someone thought it was such a wise idea to cancel the re-release of this movie on the big screen this year, I'm going to be ahead of the curb and bust out my VHS tape.
* Mulan- Fantastic movie, what else can I say?
The Hunchback of Notre Dame- One word; Hellfire.

That's it for today's totally random post. Talk to you all again someday. =P

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