Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bieber v. Bell

This is a new story tonight that has interested me for some reason. 

So from what I can tell apparently Drake Bell (from Nickelodeon's television series Drake&Josh) started saying hurtful stuff about Justin Bieber on his twitter along with Bieber's fanbase and the Beliebers response is to have a horrible psychotic tactic to meet Drake at LAX when his plane lands in 3 hours to kill him. No. This is not okay. Drake is highly amused by these idiots and has tweeted his location for the fans to find him and retweets many of their death threats. Seriously, go to his twitter page right now and look at these crazy banshees. 
"I hope your plane crashes!" is my favorite. Why anyone would wish that upon another person? That extremely horrible. A lot of people lost their family members when the planes crashed into the twin towers so saying that for any reason is just sick. 

If you are a Belieber and are actually going to the airport to wait for Drake Bell so that you can physically attack him aka beat/kick/punch/take off his head with a baseball bat because he doesn’t like your idol, you’re a psychopath meaning you're brain is not well, and you need to be locked up in a nut house. LAX is not going to stand for murdering someone on their premises, especially a celebrity. Look up "murder at LAX" and get back to me as to how many times a murder has taken place. Once airport security finds out your reason for being there they will take extra caution as to not have you anywhere near him. This is not an Agatha Christie novel, we can't just get away with murder in certain locations.
 I hope a lot of you going through with this stupid plan get arrested or thrown in airport security (U.S. airport security is not kind, just a little FYI), so that you can learn that what you are doing is stupid and that normal people don't threaten to murder others just because they have a different opinion than you on something or someone. 
I have seen a few tweets from PARENTS claiming that they are coming to the airport with their nine year old daughters to "Teach them a lesson about messing with a strong fanbase." You know what? If you are a parent and you have plans to do something like this with your under age CHILDREN which could potentially cause them physical/emotional harm, then you don't deserve to be a parent and need to rethink your crazy ass ideas. 
Seriously, what is wrong with the world? 
I'm sure some of you Beliebers are nice, kind people but there should be an unwritten rule somewhere stating "don't kill/physically harm someone to defend your idol." But because many of you have not realized this is a rule and pretty much a LAW I kindly wrote it down for you. "Thou does not MURDER/PHYSICALLY HARM someone to defend a celebrity who does not know of your existence."

By the way I am disgusted that Bieber isn't saying ANYTHING about this. His nut job fans are planning violence on someone, can't he tell them to "knock it off" or something? They're doing this for YOU Bieber, if Drake Bell is physically harmed in any way you are going to look bad and people are going to hate you and your fans even more than they do now.
^ Great message to send out to your fans! Why not just buy them some freaking pizza and call it a day?!?!? I can't even imagine why he would say this nonsense. Like at a concert does he randomly stop during the chorus to shout "My fans are more dangerous than the navy seals!" because that's pretty effing crazy.  

By the way I am a fan of celebrities just like you are. But not once have I felt the need to physically attack anyone for their sake because once again, that's freaking psychotic. You want to know what else is psychotic? Hurting YOURSELF because your idol does drugs. That is another story for another time though. 
I shall get off my soapbox now. Thank you for reading. =)

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