Monday, April 15, 2013

Youtube and Yahoo Answers!


Dear Jbobadilla77 ~ I do NOT appreciate your FOUL language response back to my nine year old daughter!!!! Please STOP it now.- Alright this is the INTERNET. If you don't want your nine year old reading offensive comments then you should either take the computer away and burn it or put up some blocks on the computer and watch her. Nobody has to STOP it now. Once again this is the internet, people can say whatever they want if it's not against the guidelines. 

Amen. I love you. See you in the clouds!!- LOL. OK. 

your the N00b for believe in such a pathetic waste of brain space...- This makes no sense. I read it 10 times and am still trying to decipher what this person is trying to say. By the way this guy sounds like the N00b considering he cannot tell the difference between your and you're. 

If you even have you. You act like you dont.- This was a response to someone. This person either likes to use broken english or just sucks at explaining. 

I don't want to insult anyone but, tea? Bleh!!!  I prefer ice-cold water.- The hell? Well you DID just insult the tea lover that is me and I don't think anyone cares what you prefer.

Message me if you want the recipe I used. All the recipes I saw were super annoying, so I just made up my own!- Super annoying recipes. I am in shock and awe at how recipes can be super annoying. 

Yahoo Answers!
My girlfriend is a vampire and she stays in my closet during the day. I dont have the money for blood. What can i substitutes for human blood that i can buy at the grocery store?- No no no no NO. You're non-existent girlfriend is delusional! And "she stays in my closet during the day" makes me think that you are a pedophile/kidnapper! To answer the question though, watermelon juice. She'll never know the difference! 0_o

Idiot. Reminds me of the mom is Carrie. "YA CAN'T PLAY POKEMON BECAUSE IT'S THE DEVILS GAAAAAME." Oh. Okay.

YES! Pastalogy. 

Something I just saw on tumblr: 

What are our schools even teaching anymore? This is unacceptable. Seriously??? Now I know what listening to his music does to you! By the way I would love to know how Anne Frank is bullying him SINCE SHE DIED IN 1945!!! This is why you need to show up to your classes! How about you find out what is going on BEFORE you make stupid comments like this.

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