Wednesday, April 24, 2013


My mom just took our dog for a walk and started talking to the neighbors outside when all of a sudden she screams at me to "Close all of the windows because it's raining!" then slams the door shut despite the fact that I have been yelled at numerous numbers of times for slamming the door before.
So I closed all of the windows like she told me to do and 5 minutes later she goes into the house and starts yelling at me because all of the windows are closed! What? You just told me to close them mommy dearest. I swear she has bipolar disorder. She keeps telling me that I'm the bipolar one but there are two problems with that;
1. She didn't even start using the word until I explained to her all the little details of what it was.

Goodness! And I'm the bipolar one. Right.

About 10 minutes ago she also started screaming at me for getting the mail. I ALWAYS get the mail. It is MY JOB to do so and has been for years! I am so confused. I think that I will just sit in this room and not let anyone come in. If they do, it will be at their own risk.

Maybe my mom just failed at getting sleep last night, I don't know. She may be exhausted because she had to work until 8 last night, didn't get home until 9, then had to wake up again at 5. But even if that's the case that is no excuse to be annoying.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about another kind of crazy; Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. (Yes I copied and pasted his name.) If you don't know who that is get off my blog right now and Google his name. I'll wait. 

First and foremost I think Bostonians are wonderful wonderful wonderful people. Evil has not won and will never win if we have people like the ones who ran TOWARD where the bomb happened at the Boston Marathon to help the injured. The ones who knew they could be killed  trying to save lives but tried anyways. If we have medics and police and firemen and just all around great people doing great things evil will never win. 

I'm super glad they caught him alive though. The crazy SOB has some serious explaining to do. You can't kill innocent people and get away with it. You can't play the Gilligan's Island version of Where's Waldo in someones boat in someones backyard and expect someone not to notice. 

Secondly we all know they will try for the death penalty. In my opinion death is too good for him. He deserves to be tortured. I know this is America and we don't believe in brutal torture here but obviously this asshat didn't want to BE here so why not change the rules a little? That would probably take forever to do but I'm still not very happy about the possible outcome of this but I do respect our justice system immensely.

Thirdly, people need to stop being idiots about this entire thing. Idiot things I have seen;
"Jahar is HOTT!" - I know this guy is a loser but even if his name is hard to spell you people shouldn't be effing it up. It makes your stupid opinion less credible.  

Then there are thousands of things going around just like this.
“the bomber was so hot im upset”
“ya’ll admitting jahar was hot. smh bandwaggoners. back away slowly, he’s mine”
“jahar is too cute and young to be going down as a terrorist”
“if you ever have a chance to talk to jahar again tell him hes so hot”
“jahar can blow me up with babies”
“Why are guys so hot these days even Bombers are hot hot Jahar :)”

This disgusts me. You entire group of fangirls disgust me. You girls have absolutely no respect for the victims of this tragedy. He killed innocent people and the first thing you people say is; "Oh he's cute" you deserve to be punched in the face. Yeah, there will always be serial killer groupies but that doesn't mean I have to like it. 

Fourthly (is that even a word?) I am tired of reading and hearing about how he is innocent. 
Yeah, that’s why him and his brother carjacked someone, admitted to the guy they carjacked that they bombed the marathon, shot an MIT officer, threw explosives at police and then hid out in a boat. Totally normal behavior of an innocent person. Some people are speculating that "His mean older brother man him do it!" Oh, the one he deliberately ran over with a car? Alright.

By the way, unless you are a person who is being PAID to investigate this your evidence of him being innocent is not credible. Obviously the FBI is hiding some stuff which will probably be revealed when the court day get's closer. Calm down.  Just remember you can't believe everything you read or see, especially on the internet. Anyone can use Photoshop. In a way this goes for certain television channels too, especially CBS. 

I cannot fathom why anyone thinks he is innocent. By the way "I did some reseaarcchhhh so I know he's innOcent" is not a valid argument.  Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and the Huffington Post are not credible sources. There is a large possibility that someone bigger was behind this but in the end him and his brother still carried out the act. They aren't going to get out of this without some jail time. 

Fifthly, the father and the aunt are nutty fruit bars. I'm sure most of you know that though. They keep playing the aunt's response about how the boys were set up for some reason and how the police ain't got no evidence. 0_o

Lastly, do not blame all Muslims for these guys' evilness. That's like thinking all Catholics are like John Wayne Gacy. Muslims have contributed a lot to society (calligraphy, coffee, modern chemistry, etc.) and blaming a certain religion is just stupid. A world without terrorists is what we should all want, not a world without Muslims. 

I shall get off my soapbox now. For more enjoyable material, watch this cute little bunny eating a flower!

I shall call him Freckles!

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