Thursday, May 30, 2013

Life Is For the Alive My Dear

Howdy there blogger universe!

I know I haven't been on in two weeks or so and I only thought it would be nice to update. My film class is really fun and I am definitely going to get my moneys worth taking it. I have already learned a bunch of definitions about film and a ton of other things like if a film has been shot on a lot or just in some random place. It is actually hard to explain everything I've learned so far because it is so much and honestly I think it is a class you just have to take in order to understand what's going on.

But we have been  watching several clips from a ton of movies such as; M, Bonnie&Clyde, The Bicycle Thief, and The Red Lantern along with a ton of other amazing films. We started with silent films and are now watching stuff that more people have probably heard of. However I made myself watch The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari on youtube and that was fabulous. I've heard the name around a million times but never had the chance to see it so I'm happy that I finally was able to do so. I have every intention of renting Sunset Boulevard soon because
A. From what I've seen Gloria Swanson is amazing in it
B. The musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber is wonderful.

The class also got to watch two scenes from Gone With the Wind. Only six girls besides myself in the entire class have seen the movie. I feel so bad for them. If you are reading this blog right now and have never seen Gone With the Wind I am ashamed of who you are as a person. Alright not really, but pleaaase watch the movie. Please. It is an American classic for a reason! I remember watching it about a million times when I was in 8th grade and my English teacher in high school made us see the film because according to her it would be "unacceptable" to have her agree to the seniors graduation if we never saw Gone With the Wind.

As for the book we are using, I shall officially classify myself as a complete dork because I love my literature text book and usually text books are not supposed to be loved. They are supposed to be hated with a burning passion of a thousand suns! But on the SIXTH PAGE it has a whole bunch of interesting facts about the filming of Sweeney Todd and then it goes on for five pages about the editing, costumes, and acting in Sleepy Hollow and it just has a whole bunch of stuff in it about movies which I find super awesome. Everyone keeps complaining about how we have to read stuff in our book and I am probably the only one who ENJOYS reading these chapters. =/

 We even got to analyze the Sweeney picture in class yesterday which was awesome except for the fact that my teacher forgot Helena Bonham Carter's character's name and that pretty much killed me a little on the inside.  However my teacher is great so he is forgiven.

^ By the way I have seen this movie a million times and never noticed the sign before until our teacher pointed it out. It says;
Adolfo Pirelli 
King of the Barbers. Barber of Kings.
AHHHH. That is so cool considering it also happens to be in the song lyrics!
And do you see that little red and white candy cane looking thing in the background aka the barber pole? Barbers used to practice bloodletting and pull teeth and during bloodletting the patients squeezed a pole to allow their blood to flow more freely. The pole was often painted red to mask bloodstains. At the end of the operation the pole was wrapped in the white bandages that were used during the operation. SYMBOLIZATION!!! Apparently the set designers have a reason for putting everything you see in a scene and I'm just now starting to pick up on this stuff thanks to this class.

As for the students, most of them have been really nice so far. Only a few stupid things have been said or asked so I am very grateful for that. These stupid things included one girl thinking Jodi Arias was a person in our book. The other was some guy who didn't know who Judy Garland was. 

^FYI THIS is Judy Garland.

Besides class though, I have been reading a truly magnificent book titled The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Maybe you've heard of it? I'll more than likely finish it in the next two days because it is just THAT GOOD. I love the Disney film and knew this wasn't going to be 100% the same but I'm glad I kept an open mind about this. None of the characters are "good" per se but I actually prefer all of them over Esmeralda. God I hate Esmeralda in this. She has absolutely no character development. I'll try to find some time to review the book on here once I'm finished with it but be warned that this will be my first book review ever so try to be kind but fair.

Lately my mom has also been getting on my case about THE INTERNET. O_O Her friend at work has a daughter who's 18 who met some guy she met online in real life. Nothing bad happened but my mom has been all "You are exactly like this girl! You better not be talking to people online because if you do that they can come to our house at 3am and burn it down!"
I told her that pyromaniacs are "hot." She did not get that joke.
I understand where she's coming from, I truly do. I've never given out my address, phone number, or last name to anyone online that I don't know in real life because yeah, you shouldn't do that. However most people I have spoken to online have been really nice and I think it's unfortunate that people have to be put into the "OMG they're a pedophile" category if you wish to have a conversation with someone. If you wish to converse do it, just be safe and block/report the person if they are being creepy loser. In my opinion though anyone under the age of 16 shouldn't be talking to unknown strangers online, that doesn't scream safety to me.

Oh and before I forget, I found this at the store the other day!

It is the best tasting stuff in the world next to cupcakes. Plus it comes in a pink can. PINK!!!

Thanks for reading! 

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