Monday, May 20, 2013

Javert and Jaws

So I found out today that the guy who tried out for Javert got cut from the final round. In all honesty I kind of feel bad because now I can't sing "The Confrontation" with him, but I do feel somewhat euphoric at the same time which is pretty disturbing to say the least. But thankfully  I learned that a place in Michigan is putting on Les Miserables next year thanks to this guy who didn't tell me about this audition so I can't be overly mad at him and can only wish US the best when this audition rolls around.

In other news, I start my class tomorrow at 5pm. The class is basically a let's watch some classic movies class (where you watch movies and write about them) and I'm pretty much only taking it for 3 credits and of course because I feel like this class might help with learning about film and what not and it's really not a bad thing for me to learn. Plus we get to watch JAWS and I have to admit that I have never seen Jaws all the way through so I'm looking forward to that. Plus sharks are cool and I can guarantee you that I will probably be the only one in class singing the theme song.

I'm really hoping that this class will be fun. I mean, watching movies is fun how can the class be boring? I already know the films we're going to watch because the teacher put a list online for the students already and none of them are truly horrible. Looking forward to movie times!

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