Wednesday, May 8, 2013


 I need to go to a dermatologist. My skin is not being cool! It's all red and blotchy and zitty and not being cool what so ever!

There's a dermatologist within 5 miles or so from where I live and I will never go back there! The doctor is the worst person that I have ever met in my entire life. I've been to him a few times but NEVER AGAIN.
I remember that during my last appointment I told him that the medication he gave me was just making my skin red and hideous looking, not to mention not helping my acne what so ever. His response? "Keep putting the cream on your face!"

Uh dude it's not working! What do you not understand by that? He then got all mad at me and said that there wasn't any other cream he could give me because the one I'm using is the only one that works. Yeah, pretty sure that's a lie but whatever.

I then told him that I am not a huge fan of my blackheads and asked if there was anything I could do for them. He didn't give me any answer but instead told me that they weren't that bad, told me not to tan (despite the fact that he has obviously been out in the sun waaay too long to give me that advice), and to pay on the way out the door.

This was 2 years ago. Haven't been back since and why would I? HE DIDN'T HELP!
So I'm looking into the place that's near where I have to go for my type 1 diabetes. Hopefully they won't be such losers! Making an appointment with them tomorrow so my face can go back to looking like this;

and not like this;

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