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I Like Girls That Wear Abercrombie And Fitch

If this is the case then I doubt the members of the 90s boy band LFO would be huge fans of me! If you haven't read the article about this yet, please read it;

^ This explains so much.

When I was in middle school most of the cool kids did in fact wear Abercrombie and Hollister. However these kids are not what I consider by today's standards as cool. These kids were mean, hateful bullies and I remember one of these girls looking down on another sweet girl everyday because she  wasn't wearing the "acceptable cool clothing" which was freaking ridiculous and stupid. That cool girl got suspended a few times. Yeah, THAT'S COOL. =/

Now I remember my cousin was thinking about selling an Abercrombie shirt in a garage sale but instead gave it to me. I have never been a cool kid but in middle school the shirt did fit my body despite the fact that I wasn't an XXS. I just hadn't grown any breasts yet. 

But to stay on track, this is ridiculous. I feel like half of the people I know (myself included) look like a person who would irritate A&F just by existing.

“In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids, Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely. Those companies that are in trouble are trying to target everybody: young, old, fat, skinny. But then you become totally vanilla. You don’t alienate anybody, but you don’t excite anybody, either,”

How to spy a cool kid; if they are wearing something by Abercrombie. *head desk* OH. Alright. I know I'm not a CEO of a company, but it seems self explanatory that if you only go after a certain type of person then you're losing a ton of business and when you lose customers you lose MONEY. The CEO, Michael Jeffries, is basically calling millions of Americans inferior to him and his crowd of people because a lot of us can't fit into size 4 jeans. But in reality there are some people who will squeeze themselves into whatever they can if it means they can look "cool" at school and the clothes are going to look bad on them because the store doesn't have their proper size so this is automatically going to make your company look bad. FAIL. Also, I would like to point out that in Michael Jeffries opinion, if you don't have a lot of friends you are not an all- American. And how pretentious to say that 'a lot of people don't belong in our clothes'. Eff you Jeffries. A lot of people don't want to belong in your clothes because a lot of people are smart and know that they are overpriced pieces of beachwear and in Michigan it is hard to pull off a tank top in 30 degree weather! Not to mention you can get the same thing at Target and glue a freaking seagull on your shirt if someone really wanted to be a walking style zombie of  your store.

Speaking of your store, it cannot cost that much to buy a freaking light bulb! And nobody NOBODY wants to be doused in perfume unless you are a 9 year old who just found mommy's expensive Chanel #5. By the way, I find it ridiculous that some of these stores scout people to work there or become a model. I read somewhere that one persons best friend was kicked out of the store by some model Abercrombie girls who pulled a Pretty Woman bitch move while they tried to scout her into working there. That's messed up. You should NEVER accept a job just because you are pretty, that's demeaning. You want to know how most people get jobs? APPLICATIONS. By the way I'm pretty sure if the store only hires good looking people that is discrimination and that in itself is illegal. I'm not saying other places don't discriminate when hiring (Hooters and Disney come to mind) but I'm also not saying that this is right.

By the way, Abercrombie's clothes aren't exciting, he got that correct. Plus, the people he says he is going for is cool/thin kids. No. The people you are trying to sell your trash to are these cool kids rich parents who usually have half a mind not to buy their kids ripped pants. It is hard to tell that this store is a clothing retailer though considering half of the models seem to appear half naked in their shop windows and most parents probably have a thing about their 12 year old  going into strip clubs.

This irritates me on a lot of levels. Basically Jeffries is saying that we should not celebrate all shapes and sizes, but rather let's give people eating disorders!  There are girls who will read this and believe exactly what he says and that is terrible.  There are girls out there who will walk in to that store and feel insecure because that "size 10"  doesn't fit over their wider hips, or that "large" shirt doesn't fit over their boobs and they will leave the store with their self esteem lowered. No sane person would target emotionally hormonal middle school or high school children with an outlook like this. People come in all shapes and sizes and the sooner people learn that the better. 

Here is a picture of the "cool" man who said these things;

Why is it acceptable to let this man get away with saying these things? Is it because he's rich and has power? Trying not to stoop to this jerks level, but for some reason I would think it hilarious if the employees of Abercrombie started a movement and stated that "We don't want such a  man for our CEO. We want a hot CEO to make sure our image is being fairly represented." XD

To end this entire thing, here are some arsesome comments I have read about this topic:

HA. The company is not going under because a bunch of fatasses are whining that Abercrombie sticks to a certain demographic.- A lot of the people complaining about this aren't even fat. The girl who posted this article on her facebook and where I learned about it is probably only 110 pounds in a pool. And Abercrombie isn't going under? Oh isn't it?
^Old article but you get the point.

 I find it really funny all the butt hurts of tumblr are now pissed at Abercrombie. You didn’t shop there in the first place. (I'll give him that.)  You’re not the CEO of an international fashion company. You don’t know how to run a business better than him. (Pretty sure ANYONE could run a business better than him.) And if he can make statements and still be in business than good for him. I dont go to a j.j abrams movie and expect a good drama, nor would I be obese and want to wear a billboard for some beach. (Nobody should want to wear a billboard for some beach. It doesn't matter if you are obese or skinny. You should not want to wear a beach billboard.) 

GOOD FOR HIM! I totally agree! Certain clothes shouldn't be made certain sizes anyway. Maybe we should become like Korea in their attitude towards obese people.- Yeah! Great idea! Better yet, let's bomb all those Americans who are obese! That'll show em! 

I mean, yes he's a superficial dick, and abercrombie is not doing so well anymore, but I do agree with his 'exclusionary' business plan. Abercrombie actually goes up to size 12…. and those pants are freakin HUGE. anyone larger than that has a health issue. I dont understand why we condone obesity for the sake of 'not hurting anyones feelings'. YES it is your choice how you want to look, no one can tell you to look a certain way. But, if i had a clothing brand, I wouldn't cater to obesity either. It makes obese people feel that they're 'just fine the way they are'. do we tell diabetics that theyre 'just fine the way they are'? I dont know why there isn't any hype about the lack of 'XS' sizes — one of my best friends is naturally very thin and has trouble finding clothes! if you're going to lump all skinny people into the 'anorexia' category, and limit how small your sizes go, then why can't you lump all fat people into the 'unhealthy' category and limit how big sizes go?- This girl is a bitch. I'm not sure if I should be calling people names but she's a hateful, stupid little bitch. You can buy XS everywhere, usually there isn't a lack of that size. As for the diabetic comment, I am diabetic. I have had type 1 (juvenile) diabetes since I was 6. I'm not obese. Most type 1's aren't. As for the health issue comment, some people tend to play sports thus making their muscle mass larger than what Abercrombie sells in their store. This girl is a teenager, not a doctor, so she shouldn't be telling people that they have health issues. My guess is that she probably works at Abercrombie and is getting mad about the hate for her store. Also, most people don't "condone obesity" the mayor of New York  even came out with a ban on large beverages because he does not condone this. Not saying the ban is smart, just mentioning that is what is going on. 

Your thoughts?

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