Friday, May 17, 2013

Classes and Evil Grandmothers

Good news to those out there who care about my lovely little life; I get to take an acting class in June! I am really excited about it considering:
1. It's an acting class and any class that involves acting is automatically great in my book
2. Not only is it an acting class but it is a 9-5 class where everyone gets to better their skills and learn a ton of stuff and what not.
3. Singing and Dancing!
4. Professionally trained people are going to be teaching, INCLUDING Jeremy Jordan who most people know by his SMASH fame. However he was on Broadway as well in Bonnie&Clyde and Newsies! The website says;
Classes taught by Emmy® Award Winning Producers & Directors along with Talent Agents, Casting Directors, Musical Directors, Choreographers, University Faculty Members and Celebrities.
How neat is that?
5. I get a free headshot!!!
6. The hotel I am staying at for this is by the lake. I probably won't get much use out of the beach time but it is still a great location.

However I am actually a nervous wreck about this. The class says that anyone who is 8-25 can join. The class is crazy expensive and I am just hoping that if a whole bunch of 8 years old sign up I won't be the one who has to babysit them. It has happened to me before (not in a class) but just because I am a 22 year old who looks 12 that does not mean I have the skills of an 8 year old or have the patience to handle them 24/7.  Also, theatre divas. I don't want to deal with them. Hopefully everyone who signed up for the class is there to learn, not to showcase how they will become the next Meryl Streep or Johnny Depp. And the dancing aspect. I am not a dancer by any means and that is honestly the #1 thing I am worried a lot about. This is how I dance, no joke.

But I will try my best, that's all I can do!!! I am taking this class to have fun and to learn. If something else happens then I will accept that as well. 

The sad part about me taking this class though is my lovely family and their opinions about it. My grandmother came over today and told me that, "It is completely ridiculous to waste your money like this! You are 22 if you were serious about acting you would have been in California or New York by now. No agent will ever want you considering you look nothing like the Kardashians. Plus I never found you to be all that great when I have seen you on stage. Save your money!" 0_0

Yeah, grandma you don't know what the hell you are talking about, but thank you so much for that boost of confidence, you are always good at that. After that conversation today I have been quite sad. I guess I should be used to her telling me stuff like this but I doubt I will ever become content with it. 
My mom agreed with everything she said which made this 100 times worse.

I never thought that being 22 was a bad thing. I stand corrected. It's not that I don't take acting seriously, I do but it's not like I have enough money to make it in New York or any connections to start working in L.A. If I am going to move I want to be smart about it so I do not end up starving and living under a bench or palm tree.

Either way though, I am taking this class. I will learn stuff and by continuing to learn I will become better at this. Who knows, maybe by taking this class I won't get cut from the next thing I audition for! =)

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