Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How To Make Me Furious

These past two days have not been that great for me at all.

Yesterday morning a girl I used to be best friends with in middle school, who was in my class called my house asking if she could have my cousins phone number so she could "catch up" and "hang" with her. Oh so I'm apparently not good enough to hang with even after four years. Hell to the no. I don't care if people want to hang out with my cousin or even if they prefer her over me, in fact a lot of people do. But please don't call my house acting like we never associated with one another and convey that talking to me is a huge downfall on your social life. That is rude and will not earn you any phone numbers. However it will earn you a special place on my non-existent dagger board of doom.

This is basically how the phone conversation went;
Me: Hey how are you doing? I haven't really seen you since high school.
Her: TRUE STATEMENT! (???) I just graduated blah blah blah I have a degree and work in a bar so that makes me better than you.
Me: That's nice. I should be graduating this year after I take a French class.
Her: French is a lame language. You should take Spanish. Anyways are you still majoring in teaching?
Whoa whoa whoa back up there. You are not paying for my classes so you have no business telling me what I should or should not take. Teaching is also not a major. By the way, why does everyone always assume that I am majoring in education? I swear if I was a teacher and this girl stupidly sent her kid into my class I would send the kid outside everyday to collect iguana's! I would get fired but it would be totally worth it. 
Me: No I'm majoring in theatre.
Her: Whatever. Do you have your cousins phone number? I haven't seen her since shes been pregnant and I want to hang and catch up with her.
Ah. The ulterior motive finally comes out.
Me: She's been busy.
Her: I kind of figured but I do want to call her and ask if she wants to hang out by my pool this week. What's her number?
Me: I'm not sure if I have it. She changes her number a lot.
Her: I DO TO!!!!!!!!!!! (Good to know!!!) Just tell her to ring me up when she gets a chance.
*hangs up on me.*

Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this? It shall be a cold day in hell before she get's my cousins phone number. If she really wanted it she should have looked in a phone book or messaged her on Facebook or something.

After that marvelous phone call I got up and around because I had to get my blood drawn and was fasting. I arrive at the phlebotomy place at 10 and they didn't get me back to have my blood drawn until 11:30. Someone needs to be kicked for that.
Anyways I go back there and was surprised to see a male was going to take my blood. Not that I'm saying that men can't draw blood or anything, but whenever I go in a woman usually draws it so yeah, I was a bit surprised.
I thought that the male was pretty good looking at first until he started being an idiot. In my world you cannot be moronic and continue to be good looking. He started telling me that he just graduated from college and that he was only doing this job until he could find one that suits his bachelors degree much better. I still have no idea why he told me this. He then asks me if I'm sure I'm 22. Well what does the computer say? Shouldn't that have my birth date on there? What did he expect me to say? "Haha I'm 15 I guess I'll have to come back another time!"
He then tied my arm  up in a super tight fashion, which I understand that is what they have to do but this was extremely painful before he even jabbed the needle into my arm. Then he starts poking my arm extremely hard to find a vein and bruised it before the needle went in. I have good and visible veins. Why did this dude have to poke me in an extreme manner?

By the way, while he was poking me he had the needle in his hand. I do not enjoy being played with like that! As soon as he put the needle in my arm he starts telling me about how the blood drawing process works. I KNOW HOW IT WORKS! I'VE DONE THIS MULTIPLE TIMES BEFORE! Thank God I was paying attention to what he was doing because he wanted to fill up 5 more tubes with my blood when my doctor clearly stated in my lab slip that she only wanted ONE. His response "Well it's always good to have a little extra." I was about to go all nuclear war on this guy. I told him that if he thinks he's drawing more blood he's sadly mistaken. He then leaves the needle in my arm (making me hold the thing), walks back to his computer then states that I was right and that "It's just an aspect of my job to assume lots of blood." Not "Oh I'm sorry for almost causing you a severe anemic reaction" but "I assume things." He then takes the needle out of my arm and almost puts a piece of tape on it. NO. I know this isn't The Ritz and I shouldn't ask for luxury but tape gives me an allergic reaction when placed on my arm. I told him this 10 times. I had to tell him this again and instead of giving me a band aid he told me that "I was just making it up" and placed tape on my arm over the cotton. He then left the room and asked me to stay so he could ask me some basic questions. He came back, asked me what my date of birth was along with my name again. I gave him this information then told him that he sucked at his job and should be fired. He asked me "why" and I told him that he was a disgrace to phlebotomists everywhere. He told me that he never wishes to see me again. I told him that he probably won't because the next time I come in here he would be fired. I called and filed a complaint against him, we'll see where this goes.

After getting my blood drawn I had to go take my accounting book back at my college. $250 accounting book. I got $10 back for it. I do believe I got royally screwed on that deal! I would have choke slammed the lady who gave me the money if it weren't for the fact that two security guards were watching my every move.   Oh well, at least I was able to buy an Arby's lunch with that money.

Later I took my tape off and lo and behold, my arm is now 50 shades of rainbow!

As for today, I woke up with about 50 mosquito bites on my arm and 10 on my back. How wonderful! My bruise also has failed to change colors so it still looks like a coloring book sneezed on me.

I then learn that one of my supposed "friends" on Facebook auditioned for Les Miserables somewhere and failed to tell me where the audition was. Things like this make me hate humanity. I'm not one to tell people about auditions because yeah, not a big fan of competition. But this was a guy and I am a girl and that usually means we wouldn't even be competing against each other. But I am not heartless. If I knew someone and knew that their dream was to be in THREE SPECIFIC SHOWS before they died I would tell them about the audition, not pull a lame move like this. This guy got a callback for Javert (one of my favorite characters). If he gets the part it will be official that SOMEONE up there has it out for me.

I know not many people read this blog but if there is a place anywhere in Michigan holding auditions for any of the following shows at any time I am pleading that you contact me. I look up auditions all of the time but sometimes I have a tendency to miss things;

* Sweeney Todd
* Les Miserables
* Jane Eyre
* A Tale of Two Cities
* Jekyll&Hyde

Thank you all for reading this!

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