Thursday, May 2, 2013

Theatre Rants Involving Awards and College

As always nothing good can ever happen when it comes to my college.

I was passed for an award when it comes to theatre. AGAIN. I have really really REALLY wanted this award since 2010 when I knew of it's existence.  I guess that is never going to happen though. But it could be worse. If the award went to Ms. Musical Theatre girl instead of Mr. I'm A Nice Guy But I  Play the Same Character in Every Production  then I would have screamed.

I would say that maybe I didn't win this award because I haven't been on stage since the musical two years ago (not like I haven't tried or anything) but that's completely false considering a girl who worked behind the scenes got the award in 2011.

On top of all that on my colleges Facebook page there is a guy at some ceremony asking a question. Please note that this guy used to be in one of my theatre classes and was a complete drama queen (and of course everyone loved him because of that.) Plus, HE HASN'T EVEN GONE HERE SINCE 2011. WHY ARE YOU TAKING HIS PICTURE?!?!? WHY IS HE ON HERE FIVE TIMES FOR THIS ONE CEREMONY?!?!? You want to know how many times MY picture is on the Facebook page? Twice. For a production I did. In 2011. ASDFHGGHDSGHNBNHVNJKZCJDLNKL!!!

I wish I was done with this college thing. I take ONE SEMESTER off and it's still an irritating place.

Then we have people being all "I'm going to suck up to the college theatre director and audition for his play this summer that's 10,000 miles away!" Really? Have any of you DONE Shakespeare before? One of you who says he's auditioning told me that he thought "Shakespeare was the ultimate drag of theatre." But please, audition for a play you have no interest being in. Maybe if you do that you can win the theatre award in 2014!!

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