Thursday, August 30, 2012

Swing your razor wide, Sweeney! Hold it to the skies! Freely flows the blood of those. Who moralize!

So lately I have been practicing my little heart out for a show that I will be auditioning for very very soon. It is one of the four shows I have always wanted to do- SWEENEY TODD! In case you do not know, I am probably the biggest fangirl of that musical.  I know the show word for word, I know all the songs even the ones that didn't make it into the film, have only seen the movie a billion times, and the recording of the stage production about a million (the one with Angela Lansbury- not Patti Lupone, that version I found to be not quite as good.) This is the one show I have always wanted to audition for and it is basically my theatre dream to be in it. I know I can pull off a certain character who goes by the name of Mrs. Nellie Lovett but I would be happy to just make the ensemble.

From what I can tell this theatre group on facebook seems to be so tight knit- so much so that it is like I barely stand a chance before I even audition considering they have been in the previous shows this theatre has put on before and Mr.Director knows their talent, so that means I have to probably work 100 times more than all of these people to even get a part. And working hard I have been-probably more so than I have for any other musical or play- practicing my accent, singing my song 100 times considering I do not consider myself to be a fabulous singer, and dancing randomly. Not to mention avoiding caffeine and dairy products like the plague and avoiding all songs that do not have to do with Sweeney, except for maybe 1 or 2 times listening to Within Temptation but I doubt listening to something else once or twice will kill me. I seriously want to be in this more than anything I have ever wanted in my life- 6 and a half years I have wanted to be in this. Another thing that I am worried about besides the 'theatre group,' I wasn't invited to audition for this despite the fact that 481 others were. However it says only 20 or so are actually attending and that means I only have to beat out 10 girls for the role I desperately want if all of them are going for Nellie. And I will do my best to do that and will be 110 times better than I can possibly be. Anyways that is all I have been up to; practice, practice, practice!

By the way after doing my research I have to say that my all time favorite Mrs.Lovett is Caroline O'Connor. Check her out, you won't regret it!

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