Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Outside World

I went to the grocery store today. Hooray!!! I'm just kidding it really wasn't that big of a deal considering I had to go out anyways and stop watching the Olympic swimmers! But I get to the store and low and behold who do I see? MR. PHILOSOPHY TEACHER! I do not enjoy seeing him during school hours but I thought I would be nice and say hi considering avoiding someone you know is just mean no matter how abnormal they may be. He then goes up to my me and my mom and starts screaming at HER about the importance of final exams and how I should be at home studying for his which is on Monday! I can kind of understand this if I was a suck student and not getting a good grade in his class and if I was in high school, but what the heck was that all about? This is another good example as to why I distance myself from the outside world. My mom thought he was odd and now sees why I cannot take him seriously. 

Besides that little encounter, I forgot to mention that I bought some Faygo. This is considered a BIG DEAL amongst the lady who was behind the checkout counter. She asked if I was a Juggalo-which unfortunately I was not familiar with that term so I say "no..." she then asks if I like the band Insane Clown Posse. Ahaha! Almost as much as I like hearing a ticking clock during an exam and having lemon juice poured into my eyelids, thanks lady. Oh but because I said that "I am not a huge fan of them" she starts THROWING my Faygo into the bags (surprised they didn't explode!) and mumbling how I could never be part of the family. 0_0
Because I found this conversation incredibly idiotic I looked up what a juggalo was via google. Alls I can say is wow. Not enjoying what I have read about these people. I'm sure some of the fan base is not like what I've read about but truly every subculture has it's crazies.

What I've learned so far;

1. The band, which I think is completely terrible and cannot sing nor write lyrics not composing of bodily harm or how they want to 'tap dat gurl' not only uses Faygo during their shows but actually talks about the beverage IN their songs which is quite hilarious.

And I love how people defend ICP's horrendous music which consistently goes something like this;
"Every bands gonna have songs with stupid parts. It's just natural." Um no, no it's not. I can list at least 10 bands where no stupid part is to be found in any of their songs.

"You just don't get the message!!!!" 

2. "Down wit da clown!" is an expression used for 'outsiders' who dislike their lifestyle.
3. "WHOOP WHOOP!" another thing that juggy's like to say.
4. Using the "Wicked Clown Hand gesture" BWAHAHAHA! I must find a picture of this and laugh!
Ok here we go;

That is the hand gesture. I doubt I could do this considering I'm unable to do the Star Trek "Live Long and Prosper."

5. Enjoys starting fights with each other, particularly using hatchets and knives. This is where it just got sad. Clowns are supposed to have balloons not weapons!
6. Considered a type of 'gang' in some states. This is also sad considering;
7. Most wear clown makeup and try looking tough by dressing in a crazy fashion.If you wish to dress like a clown, I guess that is fine, but being violent and screaming "I'll eff you up with my hatchet cuz I'm down with the clown" is not. Clowns are supposed to be nice no matter what Stephen King says.
8. They consider themselves to be a family which creeps me out with how cult like it sounds. 
9. Read that the clown from The Nightmare Before Christmas is considered a role-model. Please tell me that's wrong!
10. 99% of them seem to be illiterate or like to threaten people (never seeming to back their threats up) and swear like a sailor to get their non-existent point across.

Overall, not really digging this. But do not let these people stop you from trying Faygo, it is delicious. The poor soda company did not ask to be associated with them and I don't think  ICP wanted all this violence associated with them either.

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