Wednesday, August 1, 2012


How did this guy get even creepier?!?!?!? I could barely watch the first 5 seconds. But at least he isn't topless in this one, thank God. AND THE LAUGHING AND THE EYEBROW WIGGLING AND THE EVERYTHING IS DISTURBING!!!!! I seriously just want to go Texas Chainsaw Masacre on this creep before he goes Michael Myer's on someone in his school.

What's worse is that I dropped my pen on the ground after I clicked the play button on this video and I felt that he was in the same room as me. Trust me it's a lot creepier than it sounds. But this guy is the perfect example of why door locks were invented!

"If I had an eighth of a penny for every time you were on my mind, I would be richer than everyone in the world all combined." Exactly what is an eighth of a penny? Is that even possible to have? Can one cut a penny into eighths? Either way creepy dude needs to learn how to compliment girls in a NON CREEPTASTIC WAY. In case he hasn't noticed by the comments this video did not up his likability factor, rather his future serial killer status just went up.

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