Friday, August 10, 2012

Facebook And Why It Sucks

Blogging will always be better than facebook. End of story. Granted they aren't even the same but on here it's like a lot of people seem to pour their hearts out into the posts they have rather than quote something stupid from Eminem or whoever. And the new timeline, what is all that about? They FORCED me into the timeline, not cool what so ever!

Now don't get me wrong, I do think facebook is a great way to stay in touch with people and I am really glad that I can still keep in touch with some of my friends from college and Chicago and theatre and drama and youth group and wherever else along with a few from high school but the thing that irritates me a little about a couple of these 'friends' (mostly from high school) I have is that they obviously do not think of me as a friend, rather I am a number. I do not need 'friends' like that.

I guess what got me on this tangent is that one girl who I have known FOREVER and have been friends with for at least 6 years posted this on her wall:

Add my other page. Only taking real friends this time.

So I added her and she accepted. Ten minutes later she deleted me. Um what? Ok so that means that I am a terrible friend. That's a great self confidence booster right there!And deleting people? WHO DOES THAT? Basically to me it says that they don't want anything to do with me for the rest of their life. 

Now onto some hilariousness some idiots who aren't my friends on facebook post on their walls. I was bored one day and thought I would search some of the people I did not liked and used to go to high school with which then led me to look at some of their statuses and laugh. I think I will do this as a monthly thing, "Idiots on Facebook and their thought provoking statuses." 

I love how you just cannot say no to me....:)- That is creepy beyond belief. If you do not have the power to say no to someone then you need to go to therapy. Right now.

Ghost ride the whip!- ?!?!?!???

Wwwwwwwelllll son, I recken I'm glad its feiday
Response; Boyyy howdy, I had almost forgotten!!!!!!! T G I FRICKEN F!!!- We live in Michigan. MICHIGAN. Not Texas. Stop trying to be country. You just sound stupid when you are from 
Michigan and talk in a southern accent.

Life fuckin' sucks, Im just gonna pray to god to make it better...Appearantly I havent been on his good side lately though... (Hmm, I wonder why that may be!) 

This guy is my favorite. His statuses just make my week;

Tonite kse an five finger ya buddy I think it might get drunk out

Y'all better make sure ur hands r clean before u judge me- I AM NOW JUDGING YOU WITH FILTHY HANDS!!!!

Everyone byob at my party I only could get 18 kegs an they will be gone in a hour tops- I feel like a silly person but I actually thought byob was slang for 'be' when I read this the first time. 

So it's the week of my party it's this saturday kegs an fun it's for shawdai an my b days pig roast to I'm sure pig sun at 5 come on out for the good time- Pig sun. Sounds interesting. 

If u wanna impress me put a drink in my hand- I guess I will never be an impressive person to him! My spirit is so crushed!

Well it's that time of year again July 21st call or text me I'm haveing a pig roast an party for me an my girls b day everyone the kegs r for u 21 year olds if u under the age byob we got lots of room for pearjyng.- PEARJYNG= Partying with pears and pajamas!

Befor anyone points fingers at me make sure ur hands are clean !! POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you going to do to me now?

R.i.p bong marly thanks for the good times Good old Bong Marley. Famous for writing songs such as 3 little bongs. I bet he is laughing in his grave right now.

On way to court 4 htin a cop. hope it goes good Why are you telling us this?!?!? And if you hit a cop you would probably already be in jail so stop trying to sound cool!

It's Getting drunk out here tonite- This makes not one bit of sense!

"Man some people are ideates" Let that sentence set in. Read it again. Now laugh.

My type of good day is me an my baby a 12 pack an sum good country music ya- This would be a terrible day!!!! This actually sounds like one of my worst nightmares.

"Yeahhh all that m' country slash tomboy and i aint changing" I am happy that you are so self confident, but what is M'? I am going to assume that the word I'm is now too fancy of a word to use in redneck country!

"Im a big sportz fan, specially bball but the NBA SUCKS!" This is not contradictory Mr. crazy sports loving guy!

 i giv up on every thing. Cops dunt lk me." LOL. I can see why they may not appreciate you considering you tlk llyk diz n dey prolly cant undrstnd uuuuuu and think u r intoxicateeeeeddd!!!! 

"My from my bowl was pretty from the last of my captan crunch berries 2day"- I am so lost as to the message you are trying to convey!

"I'm such a bad ass if ur on the phone with I beep in. U better switch over and see what da fuck I want!"- THAT does not sound controlling what so ever! 

Sitting in the woods a good morning passed a 7 point an 2 does yup life is good fuck u too by the way- Huh?!? I have read this so many times and I am still trying to understand.

People no one cares u smoke weed don't make u cool so shut the fuck up on here- Says Mr. BYOB and I SMOKE WEED 24/7 AND I SHALL BRAG ABOUT IT SO MANY TIMES ON MY STATUSES! 

For anyone who got through all of this I believe that I owe you something before your brain cells go completely haywire. I present you with PINK VADER!!!

Photo: I find her lack of black...fabulous.

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