Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Did A Bad Thing

Today before my college classes started I went to the library to basically mess around on the computers and to check my email and what not. There were no open cubicle things so I sat down near two guys at a table and started my computer. Please note that the computers at my college take atleast 15 minutes to start before anyone can actually sign in on them.
These two guys who I sat by have to be the biggest idiots I had the displeasure of hearing this week. Once I start having faith in the human race people have to prove me wrong on how unintelligent some humans can be. Basically these guys were being loud and obnoxious and rude, saying the stupidest stuff about sports and how "If you don't watch The Super Bowl we can't be 'hangers'." They then proceed to go on about how they want to go to this football game in Chicago to get fried chicken and how they must "score them tix" in order to go. After about another three minutes of this irritatingly loud conversation, guy #1 is spilling all of his secrets to guy #2 on how his girlfriend Minnie is a hoe and how he plans on breaking up with her this week because she's an annoying bitch. Guy #2 asks when he plans to do it and guy #1 states that if he doesn't get sex he'll break up with her tomorrow morning over coffee. LOL.

I believe one of these guys must have noticed me sitting there after that and let me just say that neither one of them were amused. Guy #1 (who we later learn is named Dave) starts yelling at me for absolutely no reason stating "Hey that's where John was going to sit, you need to get off!"
And I was all like: WTF man I have been sitting here for 10 minutes waiting for my computer to work, I'm not moving.

I was then called an ugly mousy bitch by guy #2 and guy #1 decided that they would go find John because they didn't want to be seen talking to me which I believe is lol worthy. Guy #1 then decides before leaving that it would be fun to hit the mouse off of the table and kick my backpack. He was lucky he left. I may have been tired but I don't need to be treated like that.

After the two left the library to find John I happened to notice something; kid #1 forgot to log off of his computer. Kid #1 also forgot to sign off of Facebook while he was acting like a complete ass. Still in a rage I probably did the most horrible thing I have ever done in my life and I don't really feel that guilty about it; I made a wall post for Dave, written by Dave. This wall post said "I'm thinking about breaking up with my gf this week. She is starting to be an annoying hoe. Hope you read this Minnie, it's a warning." I must say I did rather well with sounding like Dave. He was a presumptuous douche in all of his wall posts so I can only assume Minnie will not take kindly to this. Hopefully Minnie does read that and breaks up with him, I have no idea who she is but she deserves better.

Let this be a warning to people out there who plan to screw with me or annoy me; I will ruin your life after destroying it. People need to get something through their heads, I may be the nicest person you've ever come across and seem a bit 'happy' but if you make me mad it is war and war is bad. I can be the nicest person ever or a complete nightmare. If you piss me off in a way that makes me extremely upset I won't burn your car or punch you in the face, but  I can find ways of irritating you if you go across my certain line of irritation. 

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