Friday, September 7, 2012


Hey everyone!
Sorry it's taken me so long to write another blog post but I have been BUSY! College started two days ago on the 5th and  overall I can say that I am liking my classes so far- minus reading to children which I dropped for multiple reasons, those being;
1. As soon as I walked into the room my teacher wanted me to fill out some paperwork because she thought I was a first year student and that this was my first semester. How incorrect she was! 
2. Only seven of us were in the class- all of us being girls, 5 of them being morons. The other one was a foreign exchange student so I can't really fault her for being moronic and bitchy.
3. Teacher emailed me and two of the other girls because "We are under 18" and need to fill out a paper form so we can take this class. NO LADY! I AM 21! Asdfjgkgkdgjkgjdj! Shouldn't this be on file somewhere? 
4. For the class you have to read to some elementary/pre-school/daycare kids in the area. I don't live in the area. This is a problem.
5. "You have to decide what you will be doing for the class and go at your own pace." If I could go at my own pace and I could do anything I would be done with the class by now. But no, if you don't show up everyday you get marked down 20 points.
So those are the reasons I dropped it. I never really had an interest with the class to begin with but after all this lameocity I now know that teaching 1st graders is not the correct career path for me. Actually I already knew that so learning something I did not.

My second class was a class where we get to read Shakespeare and do Shakespearian things which is cool. However I think my professor loves the sound of his own voice, but that's fine because he explains everything in a way that others can understand. We have to read the first act of "The Merchant of Venice" which in my opinion is a great play. 

The next class I had was a music class for voice which I was really excited about because I haven't taken any voice classes since choir in high school. The people in there are really nice and friendly and it's just a whole bunch of different personalities which is neat. I feel like I am going to learn a lot in this class which is good considering I do want to be able to sing without feeling like I'm going to screw up somewhere.

After music I had lunch and then went into my theatre class which only certain people were allowed into. I emailed my director before the semester even began and asked if he had any tips about auditioning for Sweeney and the response I got back was actually the best advice I received which was basically to just have fun with it which is actually something I had forgotten after I practiced so much. Theatre is supposed to be fun, if it ends up not being fun then something isn't right. But this class seems like it is going to be really cool and I already know four of the six kids in there so I have a lot of faith that this class is going to rock.

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