Monday, September 17, 2012


Well I didn't get into the Agatha Christie play- it happens. Granted it has never happened to me twice in a row but it happens to a lot of people going into the acting field so I am ok with it.

I got the call on Saturday from the cool stage manager asking me if I wanted to be the understudy for the three girl characters in the cast and of course I accepted. Who knows maybe I will learn a thing or two when this is all over. Plus Sutton Foster was a Broadway understudy for years and look where she is today. That's right; Bunheads which is a great show by the way and if you have not seen it yet shame on you!
I was also not really disappointed when I got the role as understudy. I mean sure, I would have loved to have been cast in the show but I didn't get cut and like I may have mentioned in an earlier blog post that is the worst feeling in the world to me. Maybe the reason I am so ok with it is because I have been able to see understudies onstage before and usually they are just as phenomenal as the person who got cast could have been. Case and point; I saw The Lion King live, Scar had an understudy. I wasn't sure how I felt about that at first but in my world the understudy WAS Scar. I will never think of anyone else  but him when I see a Scar on stage. The understudy for him deserves an award. And a fruit basket. Of course I have seen a few other understudies onstage as well but usually for things such as a swing in Evita or ballet dancer in Phantom of the Opera.

I was able to see the cast list with my own eyes today and overall I am very happy with it. The three girls who beat me out are all super nice and of course the lead girl was the one I chose so hooray to me for casting correctly, lol. The lady I tried out for went to an older woman but I can kind of see why, I look like I am 12 so maybe it would be a bit hard to make it believable that I am 60 years plus. The guys who were cast are also all amazing, I don't recall one of the names on the list but I'm sure he is cool too. Now the neatest part about me being the understudy; Sweeney Todd guy is the understudy for the five guys in the cast. I was so freaking happy to learn that. The two people who got cut now have a chance to learn things in the world of an understudy. UNDERSTUDY DANCE TIME!

Hopefully everyone stays sane throughout this entire thing so I don't turn into one of these understudy type people;

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