Wednesday, September 12, 2012

College Freshman

I admit I was one once upon a time. However some of these freshman make me look back and go "was I really that stupid?" The answer is, no. No I was not. Then again I am guilty of not knowing what the college mascot was until halfway through my first semester. However, saying "Man I got totally trashed last night!" extremely loudly does not impress anyone.

Reminder this is a week, A WEEK after college has started and there are still people running around asking me where their math class is and how to get to the book store. I have never taken a math class and it is not my responsibility to find the class for you. If you would have gone to the orientation then you would have known where your class is located. If you didn't go to the orientation you should have shown up to school at least 20 minutes early so you can find your class and not look like a stupid newbie. Or better yet, there is a map of the campus in the  booklet thing you get when you go to orientation which could help you out, but sadly because you didn't go to orientation you now get no booklet and get no email address which is kind of an important thing to have!

Also, to all of the ladies; I would think that wearing 10 inch heels would hurt after walking around campus for awhile. The campus and most classes are spread out so why do you insist on hurting your feet? You are not Paris Hilton, you more than likely cannot pull the pink heels off while running to the next building without falling down on your face.

And the last thing that irritates me about freshman or just stupid students in general; complaining about homework. Did you really think we wouldn't have any? Honestly. Why are you here?

Overall those are just a few of the things that I have picked up on. Granted not all freshman are like this, most of them really aren't. But there are always a few that seem to wind up in this pool of stupidity.

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