Sunday, September 16, 2012


Just wanted to point out that I cannot freaking wait for this!
I didn't really know how I felt about Hugh Jackman as Valjean but after this I have a feeling that he is going to be brilliant and do the character justice.

One of the biggest surprises though was Amanda Seyfried. I did not want to see her name listed for a possible option for the cast and when I saw that she was going to be playing Cosette I was really upset. However, after hearing this small rendition of "In My Life" I can honestly say she will be fabulous and may possibly become one of my favorite Cosette's.

As for Anne Hathaway as Fantine, hand her the Oscar already, she deserves it. If you can sing like that and if you chop off your hair for an acting role you deserve it. And a little fact about Ms. Hathaway; she was supposed to play Christine Daae in the 2004 film version of The Phantom of the Opera but had to drop out due to conflicting film schedules and because she already had a contract with The Princess Diaries sequal.

Eddie Redmayne has potential. I can't judge him yet based on his "Cosette, Cosette" lyric. But "A Heart Full of Love" is bound to be epic.

Oh and why did they not show Russell Crowe singing? This concerns me greatly.

Aaran Tveit is also not shown, but I have a feeling his Enjolras will be pretty good. Then again I'm basing all of the Enjolras's off of Ramin Karimloo which is completely unfair considering I doubt anyone will ever do the character as much justice as him.

Colm Wilkinson will be great as the Bishop of Digne, and of course Samantha Barks will be freaking phenomenal as usual.  Another thing that I am looking forward to; Frances Ruffelle (originally Eponine on Broadway and London) will be playing "the most fabulous whore" for the "Lovely Ladies" sequence.

By the way where in the world are the Thenardier's? More importantly, why hasn't Helena been shown yet for this film? Her and Sacha Baron-Cohen will be great, no doubt in my mind about it.

Overall I'm super excited about this and I cannot wait until December!!!

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