Thursday, September 13, 2012

Audition, version 2!!!!!

So I got to audition for my college's play today, it was 1 billion times better than auditioning for Sweeney, plus I wasn't so nervous which is always a good thing when it comes to auditioning.

I got to the theatre a bit early and filled out the audition form (what my name is, past shows I have done, what part I am trying out for, etc.) and low and behold, mr. phone guy from the Sweeney Todd auditions was there! I was actually really happy to see him again, we both got cut so of course I was hoping the best for him as well. 

The play that I tried out for is the longest running play in history, written by Agatha Christie. I knew about this audition months before Sweeney so I was definitely better prepared for it. I ordered the script for $8 online (fyi, never do that if you don't have to. My library in the area didn't have a copy so I was desperate.) and I read the thing straight through at least 35 times beforehand. I had also recently seen a production of it during the summer so I thought I was somewhat better prepared than 95% of the people auditioning who had no idea what the play was about or in mr. phone guy's case, was not aware that it was set in England. However I do have to say that for this production you don't need to know everything beforehand, if you can act then you are good. 

I met a few new faces at the audition, and of course some familiar faces from the last production showed up as well. I learned afterwards that 35 people showed up the first night! Most of them were guys, and including me, only 5 girls showed up, all of them talented. I knew that I had a good chance of being cut again considering the play only has 3 female roles (unless the director wants to gender-bender someone, I'm game for that) but overall I gave it my best and now we just have to wait and see what happens. I know for 100% that I am not getting the lead girl, another super awesome girl deserves the part a hell of a lot more than me. If she doesn't get it I shall have to question that.

I didn't try out for the lead though. I was happy when the director actually had me read for the part I wanted which hardly ever happens to me so that was pretty fun. Again, I think I did good but there is always room for improvement. And if I didn't get a part then I am hoping that I can at least usher or pull the curtain or something. IT'S GOOD TO BE INVOLVED!

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