Thursday, February 2, 2012

College Day

Today in college for some reason I felt pretty sleepy. I have no idea if it was because of the whack hour I fell asleep or because everything was incredibly boring but essentially just like any other day. And of course WITH STORIES!

Surprisingly I didn't see anyone in the hallways this morning with the exception of my dads girlfriend's daughter who I don't think even saw me, or if she did she was completely avoiding me. Cool.

But in literature class I was about ready to strangle my teacher who thought it would be professional to call me a whore. Everyone in class was assigned a Greek God/Goddess or someone having to do with mythology and I felt that it would have been polite to just tell me "You have Cupid" but she decides to extend that to "You have Cupid because you had a lot of boyfriends!" SINCE WHEN? I have never had a boyfriend you nut bar of a twit! And yes, that is a sad thing because I'm 20, but thanks for letting the class think I'm easy! This is just an overall horrible accusation to make to someone when you are a payed professional. I wasn't even wearing anything remotely whore-ish either. I doubt a Dr. Pepper t-shirt will make guys have an interest in me. Ugh, I still think she's the 2nd best teacher I have this semester though. But  I swear when we read Shakespeare aloud and perform it in an acting style if you don't give me a good part I'm going to be extremely upset. People need to get something through their heads, I may be the nicest person you've ever come across but if you make me mad it is war and you do not want a war to happen for I have ways of making you lose! BWAHAHAHAHA!

But after everyone was assigned their mythological character (fyi I really wanted Medusa and some girl who loves Twilight got her -kill me now-) everyone had to get into groups of three to discuss one of Emily Dickinson's poems. Usually I work with the three people behind me but because they are all bff's I knew I had to find another group to work with. So I ask the two girls sitting infront of me if I can work with them, the girl who drinks redbull every morning and wears way too much eyeliner and came into the class the 2nd week responded by literally screaming: WE ALREADY HAVE A GROUP! YOU CAN'T JOIN IN! FIND ANOTHER ONE!" Um ok, what exactly just happened here? Wait I know, another person just made my "I will ruin you" list! In the end I ended up working with another girl who never talks and a cool guy who I was surprised knew how to read poetry and comprehend it! This guy shall now be in my group until the semester is over. This guy seems to be going through chemotherapy at the moment and I truly hope the best for him.

In theatre class some lady from the library came in and taught us the value of reading or something like that, and after she left we continued to watch youtube videos about children's programming. Yo Gaba Gaba has to be the most annoying thing I have ever had to misfortune to see in my life. I felt mentally molested watching how some green thing had a party in his tummy while repeating the same words over and over and OVER AND OVER.

After theatre class I went to art and almost fell asleep. Just a quick note: falling asleep in this class is frowned upon by my psychotic art teacher. Also, I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but in this class I am sitting by a few gangsta kids and their friend who I can't understand when she talks named Baby Girl. Baby Girl fell asleep and I thought she was going to get her head chopped off. To make myself stay awake I walked out the doors, ran around the building, then came back in to learn about dimensions and space which are not particularly fascinating subjects to learn about what so ever, especially when the topics are screamed at you boringly. Thanks be to Gods that I didn't doze off.

Rehearsal is tonight so maybe I can take a nap before then. Bye!

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