Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today when I was in my kitchen making some tea the doorbell rang and it just happened to be my neighbor wondering if I had any spare needle and thread because she was making her neice's prom dress. After giving my neighbor these items she tells me that "my prom day will be coming soon." When I explained to her that I was about ready to graduate from community college she starts bombarding me about questions related to prom. What type of dress did I wear? Were the guys too touchy feely? What time did my mom want me home? Where was the location? Was my date cute? I basically had to tell her that I was a sad unfortunate soul that never went to prom but hoped that her niece had a good time. She left after that and that got me to thinking and when I think about things I must blog about them.

That's right I never went to prom. Do I regret it? Not really. Just because all of my family went to prom and homecoming and snowcoming dances does not mean I had to! My cousin actually found me such a sad case that she told her SENIOR FRIEND I had barely spoken to before to ask me. Thank God he never did and I only had to hear that story from her mouth.

I probably would have gone if I had a date (which was unlikely) or friends. But considering I was not really close to anyone my senior year that wasn't really an option so I skipped it. And cried. And ate popcorn and laughed at terrible scary melodramatic movies airing on the Lifetime Womans Network.

I wanted a dress. I have always wanted a fancy dress. The only way I would have got a pretty fancy dress is if I was nominated for court which I was not. People showed me their dresses, I got mad. I needed a reason for getting a dress and I never had a plausible one.

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