Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift!

Music: Hands by Jewel

Tonight I just happened to see this commercial playing atleast THRICE while I was watching Person of Interest on NBC and felt the need to post it here!

Am I seriously the only person cracking up because of it's stupidity? And no, I don't mean the stupidity of this commercial airing four days after Saint Valentine was buried in Rome.
"Because AFTER the movie is over, happy Valentine's Day- to you." BWAHAHAHA! According to this commercial if you give your significant other Breaking Dawn you will get laid! Hell to the no it won't! If anyone was foolish enough to get me this they would not get laid. They would get set afire! What person in their right mind on any day would value their lover with sexy times after recieving this?

I seriously think that telling your audience that this movie is better than recieving flowers (which are lovely), teddy bears, and chocolate is idiotic!

Mr. Chocolate Guy does not approve of this in any way!!!

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