Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Collegey College College

Ah college, long time no see! I had two full days off this week which were spent mostly relaxing and reading the hell out of what little lines I have for the musical along with singing about telegrams!!!!!!!!

As always I had literature class and I must say that I am impressed with myself for reading and comprehending all about Cupid and his love life in 30 or so minutes. I know I mention this practically every Tuesday and Thursday but my literature class is full of morons. However my extremely awesome teacher makes up for that. I swear you have to laugh atleast once whenever you are in her class.

So I go on to talk about Cupid and his love story and my teacher made an interesting point about how it's somewhat like Beauty and The Beast because of the invisable people in the story and Beauty and the Beast had imaginary characters like that, "such as the candlestick and Mrs. Teapot or whatever the hell her name is." =P My teacher then raised her awesome points by telling us how she knew and had a college class with Terry O'Quinn aka JOHN LOCKE of LOST fame, now starring in Hawaii 5-0.

Getting back to how 99% of  my literature class are idiots, while I was talking about Cupid in the most exciting way I possibly could the girl who sits behind me with the same name, rolls her eyes. How do I know she rolled her eyes? I'm psychic... or my teacher may have pointed it out to me afterwards asking what I've done to make this other girl mad. I honestly have no idea. I spoke to her before class and asked about the collage that was due for english and tried to make small talk with her that somehow ended up listening to her lecture on how GREAT the art class is because her BOYFRIEND told her the teacher was great and that changed her opinion about the class. Everything about that is just wrong.
"I used to hate this class and the teacher but because my boyfriend told me she was great and the class was cool I must agree with my loverboys opinion or he might *gasp* break up with me after 5 weeks!" A tragedy with no happy outcome. Unless she grows a brain and realizes agreeing with people so they will continue to date you is stupid and makes for a rocky road ahead.

Then we have the Twilight girl trying to give us her researched facts on the crazy Medusa! In her own words;
"Medusa is a Greek Goddess who has crabs for hair and died for love."
This comment is in need of this;
 < The same look I had after she read that!

For anyone who has never taken mythology here are some things you need to know about Medusa:
1. She has SNAKES for hair SNAKES. Not crabs or kittens, SNAKES.
2. She was not and never will be a goddess unless Stephanie Meyer wants to write a book on ancient Greek or Roman characters or we are talking about African mythology in which she is a crone aspect of the Medusa-Metis-Athena triple goddess. In most mythology though, she is one of the three gorgons.
3.  Perseus cut off her head using his shield as a mirror so he wouldn't be turned into stone which would have happened if he looked at her directly. Unless head chopping is the new affectionate way to show your love, she died headless and mad.

After literature I had theatre and my teacher complimented me on what a great job I was doing at the play rehearsals. From day one I have wanted a compliment from this guy and today I finally recieved it. Life can be good sometimes. =D

Then there was art class, oh joy! Psychotic teacher walked around the LARGE auditorium mumbling numbers to us so we could get into groups for a review day before the test. I had no bloody idea what number I was so I just went with group 2 and  that had to be the worst decision I ever made in my life. This group was filled with idiotic, untalkative idiots which consisted of
1. Girl with blonde hair- doesn't talk what so ever. 
2. Black guy- Likes to text "baby girl" who's in the back of the classroom- Talks less than the girl before him
3. The guy I thought before hand was good looking but instead he is annoying as frick who speaks only of high school football and rates girls hotness or their 'bangability." 0_o  The only time he technically talked before this was when he was  talking to the girl who went to school with him. Which brings us to; 
4. Bitchy girl who told me specifically that I better not make the group lose points by getting a question wrong! Thanks for having confidence in me. After insulting me she shut up thanks be to God. FYI this girl was the only one in our group who got a question wrong.
5. Annoying 40 year old who did nothing but read her freaking book, this includes after me asking her a question related to the class.

Anyways once our groups filled out our worksheets (yeah, one worksheet that we have to hand in will really help us study for the test!) crazy teacher tells us that we will be playing a trivia game (goody) and despite the fact that she said everyone who showed up today got 10 points each, the points went down to the winning group getting 4, the 2nd winner 3, the almost loser 2, and the failure of a loser 1. If I would have known this I wouldn't have shown up.

So she starts asking questions nobody knows the answers to making this game freaking pointless, and alls I can say is thank God no question was asked to me. I didn't have a clue as to what she wanted with any of them. In the end my group got 3 points though, how she figured that is beyond me.

At seven I had rehearsal and I felt that I did really really suckish. I swear I was off pitch on half of the songs and I thought my voice brought my annoying character into a new category of annoying. Hopefully I will do better at practice tomorrow.

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